Priority seat assignments for the Wake Forest allotment are now closed. All tickets purchased through Wake Forest have been allocated and sent via email. To order tickets for the 2017 Belk Bowl going forward, please CLICK HERE to order through the bowl directly.

The initial allotment of Wake Forest tickets sold out, the new expanded allotment is shown below:

Bowl Map

Belk Bowl Ticket Frequently Asked Questions:

How were tickets assigned?
  1. Deacon Club members based on straight rank
  2. 2017 Football Season Ticket holders (general public) based on date the order was placed
  3. General public members based on date the order was placed

I don't have a printer, how can I get my tickets?
We recommend visiting your local library, Office Depot or UPS store, or reaching out to a fellow friend or neighbor who might have a printer.

I ordered tickets for a friend as well, how do I email them just a few of my tickets?

Use Google Chrome:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Press ctrl-o to open the pop-up dialogue box to find the file from which you want to extract the pages.
  3. Find or type the filename and click "Open".
  4. While looking at your file, click on the menu at the top right of your browser, it looks like 3 little black bars just underneath the red X.
  5. Select "Print".
  6. Click on the button that says "change" next to "destination".
  7. Select "Save as PDF".
  8. Click the next button down from "All" and type in your desired page range.
  9. Hit "Save".
  10. You will be prompted (via pop-up dialogue box) at this point to type the file name, select the file location, and then hit "Save" to finish.

- Must be using google chrome browser.

- You can also print off all of your tickets and mail them to others as you would a regular ticket, or email them your original PDF and let them know which set of the full order are meant for their own use.

I want to resell my tickets, how can I do that?
Our official ticket resell partner is VividSeats, please visit

Can I bring my bag into Bank Of America Stadium?
Bank of America Stadium has a clear bag policy, please click here for more information and to review their game day guidelines and procedures.

There are no refunds or exchanges on Belk Bowl ticket orders.

We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte on December 29th- Go Deacs!

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