Wake Forest Football Gameday Policies & Fan Guide

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ATM: Located on the west concourse, Section 7

Cab Stand: Located in front of Bridger Field House

Children: Children under 12 months are admitted free with no ticket. Children over 1 year old must have a ticket.

Customer Service: You may visit the Guest Information booths on Game Day for any security, cleaning, medical or parking needs. You may also contact the Wake Forest Event Management department on gameday at 336-758-GAME (4263).

Deacon Detector: A gameday system designed to help separated children return to their families as quickly as possible. Complimentary wristbands are provided for parents or group leaders who wish to "tag" their child or group member with their seat location and contact information. Deacon Detector wristbands will be available at every guest information booth and Courtesy Check station (see "Guest Information Booths" for locations). Adults will complete the information on the wristband and secure it on the child; if the child gets separated from the family, uniformed officers can easily reunite them with the family.

Deacon Shops: Located in Bridger Field House, Section 10, Section 16 and Texas Pete Tailgate Town.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • During any emergency inside the stadium, follow the directions of the announcer, event staff and emergency responders. Assist individuals who may not be able to hear the emergency announcements.
  • Always designate a pre-determined location both inside and outside the stadium to meet friends and family in case you get separated or in the event of an emergency.
  • Upon arriving at your seat location, first find the nearest exit and then locate an alternate exit in case of emergency.
  • Specific emergency instructions are provided for the guests in Deacon Tower and Bridger Field House. Patrons at those locations should read and be familiar with the emergency evacuation instruction located in each building.
  • Do not use elevators in the event of a fire evacuation or power failure.
  • Listen to local radio or news stations for updates in the event of an emergency.
  • If you see or become aware of any activity that is unusual, suspicious or causes you concern, report the activity to the nearest police office or event staff. Patrons may also call the Gameday Hotline at 336-758-GAME(4263).
  • Emergency vehicles may be present in and around the stadium. Please do not obstruct the path of travel of a fire truck or emergency vehicle or interfere with any of their operations. Vehicles blocking emergency vehicles, exits, or traffic in general are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.
  • Please do not obstruct any exits or exit pathways.
  • Monitor the weather prior to the game. Take the necessary precautions to protect your family and friends should severe weather be encountered before, during, or after the game. In the event of inclement weather during the game, please be prepared to evacuate the stadium and return to your car.

Family Restroom: Located in Section 10

Gate Information: Ticketed fans may enter through ANY GATE. The following are suggested entrances to easily access sections and to keep lines and delays to a minimum.

Section 1-5: GATE 2
Section 6-10: GATE 1
Deacon Hill: GATE 1 (or Gate 5)
Section 11-12: GATE 5 (or Gate 3/4)
Section 13-14 and 18-20: GATE 4
Section 15-17: GATE 3

Guest Information Booths: Located at sections 7, 15, the top of Deacon Hill, in front of Bridger Field House, and outside Gate 1.

Handicap Accessible Parking:

  • Deacon Tower/Gold/Red Lots: Reserved handicap parking passes can be ordered on a seasonal basis in the Deacon Tower, Gold and Red parking lots. If a handicap-specific pass has not been purchased, plenty of handicap parking is still available. Patrons will need to display their Deacon Tower/Gold/Red Wake Forest Parking Pass and a handicap placard to gain access. For example, a Gold Lot pass and a handicap placard will allow access to Gold Lot handicap parking. Deacon Club membership requirements apply, meaning that a donors need to qualify in order to purchase passes for specific lots. We encourage the purchase of your Deacon Tower, Gold, or Red Lot Handicap pass at the beginning of the season.
  • Blue and Orange Lots: Reserved handicap parking is not available in the Blue or Orange Lots. However, there are a few different accommodations available. First, patrons can park in their designated lot and request a courtesy shuttle to the Entry Gate. Please contact the nearest parking attendant, call 336-758-GAME (4263) to request a courtesy shuttle. Second, patrons can display their Blue or Orange lot pass AND a handicap placard to access handicap spots in the David F. Couch Ballpark Lot free of charge.
  • Senior Services: Patrons who display a Senior Services parking pass AND a handicapped placard may access the handicapped parking in the David F. Couch Ballpark Lot free of charge. Please enter via Shorefair Drive. Golf cart shuttles will not cross Shorefair Drive. The Senior Services Lot is NOT a lot geared toward senior citizens rather the name comes from the adjacent building.
  • Visiting Team or General Public: ALL visiting team or general public handicap patrons may enter via Deacon Blvd and park in the David F. Couch Ballpark Lot. You must have a valid handicap placard. Courtesy shuttles are available from this location. Please contact the nearest parking attendant, call 336-758-GAME (4263) to request a courtesy shuttle.
  • Lots open 6 hours prior to kickoff for games beginning at 3:30pm or earlier. If kickoff is later than 3:30, lots will open 8 hours prior to kickoff.

Handicap Seating: Located in sections 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18 and the top of Deacon Hill. Please contact the Wake Forest Ticket Office at 336-758-DEAC(3322) for further information.

Handicap Access/Courtesy Shuttles: Golf Cart shuttles are available to assist disabled, elderly or injured patrons. Please request one from a parking lot attendant in the Gold, Red, Blue, Orange, Deacon Tower or David F. Couch Ballpark Lots. You may also call 336-758-4263 (GAME) to request a shuttle. Golf Carts will not cross the street. Volunteers are available at Gates 1, 2, 3 and 5 to help push patrons to their seat.

Lost Items: Contact the nearest Guest Information Booth.

Medical Stations: Located at section 10 with satellite stations at sections 1 and 20

Parking (General Public): Parking lots will be open at the LJVM Coliseum the morning of the game. Buses, RVs, rental trucks, and trailers will also be directed to the LJVM Coliseum lots. These vehicles will not be allowed to park or drop-off in the BB&T Field lots. Multiple spaces can be purchased if desired. For questions concerning parking at LJVM Coliseum, please call 336-725-5635.

Parking (Reserved): BB&T Field, RJ Reynolds and Senior Services parking lots are reserved for pass holders only. Lots will open the morning of game day.

  • Thursday Games: • Thursday Games: Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Deacon Tower, and WFBP lots will open 8 hours prior to kickoff. The Orange Lot opens at 5pm and the Senior Services lot open 2 hours prior to kickoff but close 2 hours after the end of the game.
  • Saturday Games: Gold, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Deacon Tower, and WFBP lots will open 6 hours prior to kickoff for games beginning 3:30 or earlier. For evening games, those lots will open 8 hours prior to kickoff. The Senior Services lot open 4 hours prior to kickoff but are locked two hours after the game.
  • If you have any additional questions about reserved parking, please call 336-758-GAME (4263).

Pets/Animals: Not permitted within the stadium (except for trained service animals for spectators with disabilities) and are discouraged from the parking lots.

Programs: Available for purchase at each gate and throughout the parking lot while supplies last. Pre-purchased programs are available throughout the game at the Main program selling booth at Section 11.

Prohibited Items:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Artificial noisemakers
  • Bags larger than 1'x1'x1'
  • Balls & Frisbees
  • Cameras with a lens greater than 6"
  • Car Seats
  • Containers
  • Drones
  • Ice Chests/Coolers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Laser pointers
  • Metal or hard plastic frame chairs or folding chairs
  • Outside food or drink
  • Signs on poles
  • Shoes with wheels (wheelies)
  • Strollers (Umbrella strollers are permitted)
  • Tripods
  • Umbrellas
  • Video cameras
  • Weapons
  • Anything deemed hazardous or unsafe by WFUPD, WSPD, or Event Staff

Guests may "check" their prohibited items (i.e. strollers) at Courtesy Check between Gate 1 and the Deacon Tower Ticket Booth or Gate 3. Courtesy umbrella strollers will be available to borrow for the game.

Questions or Concerns: Please call the Gameday Hotline at 336-758-GAME(4263) with any parking/traffic questions, security, or customer service concerns.

Re-Entry: Permitted under the following guidelines.

  • Re-entry is permitted beginning at the conclusion of the 1st quarter.
  • Patrons must scan out (using their game ticket).
  • Patrons may re-enter at any gate as long as they are still in possession of their game ticket.
  • Fans choosing to exit and re-enter are subject to the same security measures and bag searches as their initial entrance into the stadium.
  • Patrons needing to leave and re-enter prior to the conclusion of the 1st quarter must visit a Guest Information Booth prior to exiting the stadium.

Signs and Banners: Permitted into the stadium, but they can not obstruct the view of any other spectators, can not contain any profanity or vulgar references and can not be attached to a pole. WFU Event Staff reserves the right to confiscate any sign or banner for any reason.

Smoking: Prohibited inside the seating bowl, on Deacon Hill, and inside Deacon Tower. Smoking is permitted on the concourse.


  • Fans are encouraged to arrive early and tailgate prior to the game.
  • Fans are encouraged to enter the gates at least 30 minutes prior to kickoff to avoid lines and support the team during the "Opening of the Gate"
  • Propane grills should be used when tailgating. Charcoal grills are discouraged from the premises due to charcoal waste.
  • Kegs are permissible. However, groups providing kegs are responsible for monitoring consumption and making sure those consuming alcohol are of legal age.
  • No liquor consumption.
  • No glass containers allowed.
  • All tents are restricted to grassy areas - no tents should be erected in parking areas, unless an additional pass (an empty spot where the tent is to be located) is purchased.
  • No external stereo systems allowed. Out of courtesy to others using the same parking lots, only portable radio/stereo units (boom boxes) will be permitted.
  • Gas generators are prohibited for safety reasons.

Tickets: For questions regarding tickets please call 336-758-3322.

  • Club/Suite Will Call - Gate 1
  • General Will Call - Bridger Field House
  • High School Coaches - Gate 2
  • Media Will Call - Gate 1
  • Ticket Sales Locations - Gate 1 and Bridger Field House
  • Visiting Team Will Call & Player Pass - Gate 3
  • Wake Forest Recruits/Player Guests - Gate 2
  • Wake Forest Undergraduate/Graduate Students & Salem College Students - Gate 4

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