Wake Forest Cheerleading and Dance Team - Blog #2

April 10, 2008

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - The Wake Forest Cheerleading and Dance Teams will be competing at the NCA/NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship April 9-13 in Daytona Beach, Fla. Demon Deacon seniors Drew Jack and Laura Waggoner will be filing periodic blog updates from Daytona.

For more information on the event, visit Varsity.com.

Blog #2 - Wednesday, April 9

The team arrived in Daytona on Wednesday morning around 9:30 a.m. after a long bus ride from Winston-Salem. Personally, I didn't get too much sleep, but being here in the warm weather really cheered everyone up! After breakfast and finalizing registration at the NCA competition, the cheerleaders went to the hotel. Luckily, our hotel is right on the beach! Because we're cheerleaders, we went straight to the beach and took pictures doing different stunts on the beach for a crowd of passer-bys. Soon enough, however, it was time for practice.

We only had a warm-up mat for 15 minutes this afternoon, but we definitely made the most of it and had a great practice! We ran through our routine and focused on some of our problem areas, but things went really well and I feel very confident about Thursday morning.

Tonight is going to be an early night -- we compete at 9:15 a.m. in the morning, but we're leaving for the competition at 7:30 a.m. Once we get back, I'll be sure to update everyone on our performance. If you can, check out the "Varsity Wired" section of Varsity.com and look footage of our routine minutes after we compete. Thanks for reading!

- Drew Jack, Senior, Wake Forest Cheerleading Team

Today we woke up to the bright sun of Daytona Beach, Florida, after driving through the night from Winston-Salem. After we had breakfast, checked in with the National Dance Association, checked into our hotel and spent a few hours on final costume details, we continued to prepare for the competition by practicing our routine. The routine felt really strong today. We are extremely excited about our chance to compete on Thursday. It is nerve racking knowing that the competition is right around the corner, but I have confidence that we will do well! Carly and Kaylan, our coaches, are feeling confident about our routine. Many other dance teams, who were practicing nearby, seemed interested and impressed by our team's skills and strengths, particularly our use of pom poms in the final section of the routine. We ended the day with a team dinner, enjoying each other's company and realizing that tomorrow we will finally show how hard we've been working over the past few months.

- Laura Waggoner, Senior, Dance Team


Blog #1, Tuesday, April 8

Typically, the end of March Madness marks the end of the athletic year for most collegiate cheerleaders. However, March Madness is in full swing for teams competing in the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) competition, which is essentially the equivalent to the NCAA basketball tournament. After months of preparation and practice, in addition to regularly scheduled football, basketball, and community appearances, the Wake Forest cheerleading team is headed to Daytona Beach, Florida to compete against 18 other teams at the NCA competition.

As a senior captain and someone who has watched the cheerleading program grow over the past four years, I feel that we are very capable of competing at the national level. At a recent dress rehearsal for our competition routine, cheers from fellow student-athletes, friends, family and members of the Winston-Salem community excited our team and gave us a boost of confidence for our performance on Thursday morning.

Stay tuned for further updates from Florida - Go Deacs!

- Drew Jack, Senior, Wake Forest Cheerleading Team

After much anticipation, the time has finally arrived for us to head down to Daytona. We, along with cheer, have been working so hard over the past few months preparing for this event. We had our last official practice at Wake Forest on Tuesday, before boarding the bus at midnight to leave for our national competition.

I'm feeling more confident after our performance and dress rehearsal earlier this weekend. Our energy was high on Sunday night, as our peers and many others gathered in Reynolds Gymnasium to watch our routine. Though we did well that evening, there is still work to be done. Tuesday's practice focused on cleaning up little details - it's extremely difficult to take fourteen individual dancers with various distinct backgrounds and styles of dance and make each girl look uniform.

This dance team has come so far; the talent has gotten exceedingly better over my past four years on the team, and with the talent and skills my teammates bring to the table this year, I know we stand a good chance of making finals. I cannot wait to get on the stage with these girls and show the other competitors in division IA what Wake Forest University has to offer. We are a talented team and have grown so close over the past few months, though it's hard not to feel nervous and anxious. Once we arrive in Daytona, it'll be our time to shine!!

- Laura Waggoner, Senior, Wake Forest Dance Team

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