Becky Ward Concludes Sterling Career

April 29, 2011

Becky Ward, a fixture in the Wake Forest University Athletic Department for 44 years, is on her final day at Wake Forest. The associate athletic director for special projects recently announced her retirement effective May 1.

Ward, a native of Winston-Salem and a graduate of Walkertown High School, came to Wake Forest in 1967. She started work in the athletics department as an administrative assistant. Over the course of her career, she served as an assistant to the athletic director, assistant director of compliance, director of ticket operations, director of marketing, and assistant athletic director. She came to Wake Forest after attending East Carolina University and Salem College.

Most recently, Ward has been heavily involved in many of the capital projects that have been built on campus. She helped supervise the construction of the Manchester Athletic Center (1994), Spry Stadium (1996), the Indoor Tennis Center (1997), Bridger Field House (1998), the Miller Center (2001), the box suites at the Joel Coliseum (2003), the Pruitt Football Offices (2004), the Bob McCreary Strength Complex (2008), Deacon Tower (2008) and the Dianne Dailey Golf Learning Center (2010).

As marketing director, Ward won numerous ADDY awards for the "Deacon Shuffle" video campaign. She helped give Wake Forest the nation's first computerized ticket office while serving in that office.

Her greatest thrill in 44 years at Wake Forest? "The Orange Bowl. That was pretty great."

The biggest change Ward witnessed during her tenure at Wake was diversity.

"When I came here, we were small. Now we're a nationally-recognized overseas. Our university administration has diversity in it, as well as the athletics staff and the student body. We have students from all over the world now. Some people would expect me to say `it's the buildings.' But to me, it's the diversity."

And her favorite building that she helped build? "Deacon Tower," said Ward.

Retirement will have some advantages, said Ward. She plans to have fun.

"I'll be able to come to ballgames. I won't be working," said Ward. "I can come to tennis matches in the afternoons. I can cook dinner for my husband."

Ward was honored with a retirement dinner on April 21 at Bridger Field House.

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