Men's Track & Field/Cross Country and Women's Field Hockey Win Inaugural CHAMPS Cup

May 9, 2011

Men's track & field/cross country and women's field hockey have won Wake Forest's first-ever CHAMPS Cup. The competition ran the duration of the spring semester. Next year's competition will run the course of the entire school year.

The CHAMPS Cup is a competitive game that is played by all the varsity sports at Wake Forest. It provides a means by which student-athletes can compete on behalf of their teams for points in different categories. The categories are based on the five commitment areas of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program, renamed slightly to fit the needs of WFU, which include volunteerism, enhancement programs, athletic achievement, and academic achievement.

The CHAMPS Cup helps student-athletes become fully immersed in all that the CHAMPS/Life Skills program represents. Through competition, this method enables and encourages active involvement in multiple levels. It gives the student-athlete credit for things they were already doing; it shows which coaches are most vested in their student-athlete's growth; it gives a good estimate as to how much community service the student-athletes are doing; and it functions on the premise that every team has equal opportunity.

This semester's competition came down to the wire, as both squads submitted a fury of volunteer hours saved up from the year.

Field hockey outlasted second place women's soccer by emphasizing outreach activities such as Eat With The Deacs and a program they run every week called Weed Whackers, which teaches elementary school children the love of field hockey.

Men's track & field/cross country likewise overcame men's soccer's lead by strong submissions for Athletes Supporting Athletes events and various volunteer activities, such as working an overnight shift at the Samaritan House and tutoring at local elementary schools.

In the spring semester alone, Wake Forest student-athletes submitted time for 1,758 hours of activities, including 1,189 hours of community service.

BBaseball and women's track & field/cross country round out the top three for each gender.

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