What's In a Name?

May 19, 2008

Names are important. They help define who we are. Think about it. Imagine Johnny Carson as Roger Carson or Mike Carson. I don't think so. And Rebecca doesn't quite ring in like Madonna. That guy Clay was a good fighter. But Ali was the greatest.

Demon Deacons seems to fit Wake Forest pretty well. I mean when I think of Wake Forest with any other name I just shake my head. Try it. Wake Forest Warriors. That just kind of sits there. Wake Forest Bulldogs. No bite. Wake Forest Eagles. That doesn't fly either.

Nope. Demon Deacons is the only nickname that works. That doesn't mean of course that those other nicknames are bad. I mean Georgia Bulldogs works pretty well. And come to think of it, Georgia's mascot has its own name, too. You know, UGA. And that Mountaineer up the road, Yosef, is doing pretty well for himself.

Does the Deacon have a name? If he does, I've never heard it in the twelve years I've been around. And my crack research staff didn't come up with anything when given the task of finding his name. So why can't the Deacon have a name? If he had one - what would it be? Let's try some. Work with me, now. You've got to be flexible and have an open mind.

The Deacs have a great golf legacy. The Deacon could be called "Duffer" or "Duffy." Well, maybe "Duffer" is too negative, and "Duffy" might be misconstrued for Mr. Waldorf. I'm sorry but his shirts are a bit much - even for a mascot. He could be "Deac" the Deacon. "Demon" wouldn't work, but "Preacher" might. Two other names might do well if a vote were taken. Couldn't you see the Deacon strutting around with the name "Bones" written across the back if his outfit? By the same token, a Deacon named "Peahead" could become quite popular. "Pic" would be a good one - short for one of the Deacs' favorite sons - Brian Piccolo. "Arnie" might work with the Wake Forest fans referred to as "Arnie's Army." On second thought maybe not, I think that one's already taken. "Skip" would be a great way to honor Coach Prosser and would be a terrific name for the Deacon.

But shouldn't the Deacon have a name? I don't see why not. As a matter of fact I think this needs to get done. And I think the students are the ones to do it. The marketing possibilities are endless, and the process would be great fun.

Cotten Briefs

• A tip of the cap to senior pitcher Charlie Mellies for back to back complete game victories in his last two outings to help the Deacs clinch a spot in the ACC Tournament. • Look out for the Deacons in the NCAA Golf Championships. The Deacs come off the victory in the Central Regional by ten strokes to win their third regional title in the last four seasons. • The Deacon Tower project appears to be in the home stretch. Keys are set to be turned over in mid-summer to make way for the final touches and moving in. • I had some friends in town recently and took them on a tour of LJVMC and BB&T Field. We also sneaked a peak over at Ernie Shore Field. The Baseball Deacs are going to love that place - and you will too. We toured campus as well and popped in on Gene Hooks Stadium. As good as that facility has been to Wake Forest baseball Ernie Shore, in my opinion, is going to be a huge plus for Deacon baseball. Here's to First Pitch 2009! • I write this on the eve of the final game between the Hornets and Spurs in the NBA Playoffs. Hasn't it been fun to see Chris Paul and Tim Duncan compete? Imagine if they had been Deacons together!

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