Deacon Fans Roll Quad in Honor of Prosser
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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - At midnight on Thursday, some 200 Demon Deacon students, athletes and fans showed up to honor the late men's basketball coach Skip Prosser by covering the trees that line the lawn outside of WFU's Wait Chapel with toilet paper.

Prosser died tragically Thursday afternoon following cardiac arrest. Many in the Winston-Salem community were in shock after the news and retreated to WFU's "Quad" to participate in one of the oldest university traditions and gather with fellow mourners.

"This is support for us," Frank Johnson, WFU 1987 Alum said. "I had to get through this with somebody."

Covering the Quad in toilet paper was a tradition that began when Wake Forest University was relocated from Wake Forest, N.C. to its current home of Winston-Salem in 1956. Prior to the move, WFU students would roll the campus of the losing team, but with Winston-Salem being some 90 minutes from WFU's top rivals, students were forced to improvise and covered their own campus lawn.

Skip Prosser was an adamant supporter of the Quad rolling as a public display of Wake Forest's tremendous school spirit.

"He was always the guy that wanted us to do it," Brad Matthews, a WFU senior explained. "After a big win he'd say `meet you at the Quad for the rolling.'"

So on Thursday Demon Deacon athletes, students and fans gathered on the Quad to recognize Prosser's tremendous contributions to the Winston-Salem community with a midnight rolling.

The crowd completely covered the trees that line the lawn outside of Wait Chapel in less than an hour. But the stories of Prosser and his legendary program kept many of the Deacon fans out well after the toilet paper ran out.

"We all come together out here," Shada Salaam, a WFU senior said. "Athletes and non-athletes, fans and family. Everyone celebrated with Wake after a big win. Tonight we are celebrating Coach Prosser's life. We are all showing our support."

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