Wake Forest Places 132 Athletes on ACC Academic Honor Roll

Aug. 11, 2006

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - The Wake Forest athletic department placed 132 student-athletes on the 50th annual Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll, noting academic excellence by student-athletes for the 2005-06 school year. All 18 of Wake Forest's varsity sports are represented on the list.

The Honor Roll is comprised of those student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. In its first season as a 12-member league, the ACC set the conference record for the 20th consecutive year as 2,597 student-athletes were honored for their hard work in the classroom this past season.

Headlining this year's Honor Roll are 16 five-time honorees from seven different schools, including three from Wake Forest in Wesley Allen, Anne Bersagel and Jill Miller.

In addition to being a five-time honoree, Bersagel is a two-time CoSIDA Academic All-American and the recipient of the 2005-06 ESPN the Magazine Academic All-American Member of the Year, the highest academic award given by the NCAA.

Below is the complete list of student-athletes on the honor roll:

Ashley Homitz 1	Volleyball
Grant Achilles 2	Baseball
Jill Ahrens 3	Track
Wesley Allen 5	Soccer
Diane Anderson 1	Track
Erin Baldwin 1	Soccer
Grey Ballard 4	Soccer
Brandon Bartholomew 2	Track
Joseph Bates 2	Tennis
Anne Bersagel 5	Track
Barr Blanton 1	Golf
Maeke Boreel 4	Field Hockey
Erin Borhart 4	Volleyball
Hanna Bremler 2	Track
John Buck 4	Basketball
Kip Byrum 2	Baseball
Daniel Callahan 3	Football
Jayme Cargnoni 2	Soccer
Joshua Carter 1	Track
Christina Carter 1	Soccer
Alonzo Chisolm 1	Football
Caitlin Chrisman 2	Track
Will Clayton 1	Soccer
Laura Colven 2	Soccer
John Compton 2	Track
Jordan Craig 1	Golf
Lauren Crandall 3	Field Hockey
Samuel Cronin 1	Soccer
Camelyn Dillon 1	Soccer
Jenna Doane 1	Volleyball
Kaitlyn Doe 2	Soccer
Michelle Duffey 1	Track
Ashley Dunigan 1	Track
Allan Dykstra 1	Baseball
Brendan Enick 3	Baseball
Martha Ferger 1	Field Hockey
Erin Franklin 3	Track
Nathaniel Frazier 2	Baseball
Louis Frazier 3	Football
Kristina Gagliardi 2	Field Hockey
Westin Galloway 2	Track
Robert Gielow 1	Track
Andy Goff 2	Baseball
Amanda Goins 2	Golf
Alimer Gonzalez 2	Soccer
Matt Hammond 2	Baseball
Elizabeth Hankinson 2	Track
Kristina Hanley 2	Soccer
Raymond Harbert 2	Track
Kristi Harshman 3	Field Hockey
Klarysa Henry 2	Volleyball
Casey Hill 1	Football
Nannette Hill 1	Golf
Alexandra Hirsch 3	Tennis
Robert Hoekstra 1	Basketball
Margaret Horne 2	Soccer
Ben Hunter 1	Baseball
Lindsey Jaco 3	Soccer
Ana Jerman 1	Tennis
Porsché Jones 3	Basketball
Orval Jones 1	Football
Joy Juskowich 4	Golf
Justin Keadle 1	Baseball
Kristen Kemp 3	Soccer
Molly Kennedy 2	Track
Ottie Kerley 2	Track
Katherine Kokkinos 1	Soccer
Sarah Kozey 4	Soccer
Eric Kristensen 1	Baseball
Mary-Margaret Langston 1	Volleyball
Frank Lawler 1	Track
Michael Lepore 1	Basketball
Justin Lichtfuss 1	Soccer
Brett Linnenkohl 2	Baseball
Douglas Manchester 1	Golf
Amanda McBean 1	Track
Julie McKenna 4	Golf
Charles Mellies 3	Baseball
Ariel Meyers 3	Field Hockey
Jill Miller 5	Track
Justin Moose 2	Soccer
Catherine Muehleib 2	Track
Natalie Mullikin 1	Volleyball
Lindsay Neuberger 3	Track
Adriane Nicholas 4	Volleyball
Eric Niesen 1	Baseball
Kerri Norton 2	Track
Blakely Offutt 2	Tennis
Matthew Owen 3	Track
Lauren Peterson 1	Volleyball
Meredith Placer 1	Track
Sierra Poske 1	Tennis
Kyle Reifers 3	Golf
Elizabeth Remy 3	Soccer
Sarah Riddle 1	Basketball
Daniel Rosaia 1	Baseball
Nicole Schappert 1	Track
Trey Schmidt 1	Football
Melanie Schneider 2	Soccer
Selina Sekulic 1	Track
Zac Selmon 2	Football
Brian Shust 3	Baseball
Michelle Sikes 3	Track
Margaret Simons 2	Golf
Katherine Skarbek 2	Soccer
Amy Smerdzinski 1	Soccer
Jamie Sobolewski 1	Track
Sean Souders 1	Baseball
Ashley Spooner 1	Track
Casey Sterk 3	Baseball
Sean Stevens 4	Track
Liron Strauss 4	Tennis
Elizabeth Strunk 2	Basketball
Ruth Supica 3	Soccer
Christian Tara 1	Tennis
Alexandra Tchangoue 1	Basketball
Jon Temple 2	Football
Jeremy Thompson 2	Football
Taylor Toombs 2	Soccer
Marcus Tracy 1	Soccer
Julian Valentin 2	Soccer
Steven Vallos 1	Football
Phillip Warsaw 1	Track
Bradley Wharton 1	Track
Jamie Whitten 2	Field Hockey
Taylor Wildman 2	Track
Christy Williams 2	Volleyball
Kelly Wood 1	Field Hockey
Ben Wooster 1	Football
Andrew Wright 1	Soccer
Alex Yates 2	Golf
Kyle Young 3	Baseball
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