100% Cotten

Sept. 8, 2009

by Stan Cotten

There were a couple of things about the game with Baylor that didn't sit too well with me. The final score was certainly one - I really didn't see that coming. Maybe it's just that Baylor is from Texas. The Demon Deacs are now 1-15-1 all-time against teams from the Lone Star State. My vote is to still recruit Texas, just maybe not play teams from there.

But I think Baylor has a pretty good team, and to make as many mistakes as the Deacons did and still have a shot at the end, to me, gives me reason to think about the things that did sit well rather than focus on any negatives. The season has just begun, and there are plenty of things on which to hang a hat.

I liked the fact that Wake had a chance with a few minutes left. Other teams might have folded up long before the Deacons got the ball back with minutes to play down three points. Panic never surfaced from either the young or the old. I think this team will fight, and that can never be a bad thing.

I like number two and number three. Devon Brown and Chris Givens are going to help Wake Forest win some games. They've got a little wiggle that the Deacs need and did some good things against the Bears.

Remember the play where safety Alex Frye fought through a block in the flat and made a jarring tackle on receiver David Gettis? That was likeable. I think when Alex gets his feet under him and used to being on the field most every play he'll make more plays like that. Kenny Okoro made a similar play on the boundary using his speed to close on the receiver and deliver a tackle that the receiver, Kendall Wright if I recall correctly, probably felt all the way back to Waco.

I like our fullbacks, too. The Deacs can win with Rinfrette and Bohanon. And Bohanon is just a freshman - what's not to like?

Kevin Harris is a throwback, and every team needs one of those. He reminds me of former Kansas City Chief running back Ed Podolak - just give me the ball and get out of the way. Our big, older guys up front - on both sides of the ball. Check in the like column.

A couple of other things I liked before space is gone. There are always things in college football that happen that you don't like to see. The postgame incident between Oregon and Boise State is an example. I liked it when the Deacs and Bears walked out all together prior to kickoff and shook hands. It was a simple thing. It was a good thing. I liked it.

And I liked being down at the new Deacon Tailgate Town at Baity Street for pregame. That spot has a lot of potential. Thanks to all of you who came down, had some fun and stuck around for our pregame radio show. It was great to have former Wake star Ricky Proehl with us, and for your information he'll be back for three more games. Current assistant basketball coach Rusty LaRue will be with us for the Stanford game.

It didn't work out against Baylor, and none of us likes that. But I think there are plenty of reasons to feel optimistic. A football team has a lot of moving parts, and the Deacs will get it figured out.

What I like the most is that Jim Grobe is the man we've got to make sure it gets done.

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