Deacons Celebrate Halloween with Project Pumpkin
Wake Forest student-athletes participate in Project Pumpkin

Oct. 27, 2011

By Krista Brown,

Winston-Salem, N.C. - For over twenty years, Wake Forest has celebrated Halloween with the largest single community service event produced by the Reynolda Campus: Project Pumpkin. Every year since 1988, the Demon Deacons have joined forces with the Winston-Salem community to turn the Quad into a virtual Halloween Carnival complete with trick or treating, Mummy Wrapping Races, Palm Readings, and Haunted Houses. Project Pumpkins provided over 1,000 local children a safe place to trick or treat and enjoy Halloween.

Project Pumpkin gives Deacon student-athletes another opportunity to give back to the community. For the last ten years the Wake Forest Athletic department has managed the Dizzy Deacs booth during Project Pumpkin.

"We're in the middle of the Quad and we have a baseball diamond. The kids hit a wiffle ball, go to first, do dizzy bats, run to second, catch or throw a football, run to third, kick a soccer ball through a goal, and then come home. They get Deacon stickers and candy," said the CHAMPS and Life Skills Coordinator, Julie Griffin.

Fifty-three athletes participated in Project Pumpkin this year. Players from volleyball, women's tennis, women's soccer, women's basketball, and men's and women's track came out to help with Dizzy Deacs.

"I think our athletes had a great and I think the little kids had a great time. Just a really neat activity, to see so many student organizations on the Quad helping young kids have a safe and happy Halloween," said Griffin.

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