Ask The AD: Important Questions Answered

Nov. 22, 2006

Wake Forest athletic director Ron Wellman asks three good, important questions today in our Ask The AD section of our website (located on the right-hand side of the page). Today, he discusses potential travel to the ACC Championship game for students, future sites of various ACC championships and the controversial hit in the Virginia Tech game.

Q: IF Wake wins at Maryland Saturday, there will be a rush by hundreds of students to make arrangements to travel to Jacksonville on December 2. I certainly expect my son to attend IF Wake beats Maryland. Like many Wake parents, I am concerned that students will be making this trip during the weekend before exams begin on Monday. After spending $41,000 per year we hope for a maximum effort during exams! . Of course, it goes without saying, that I am also concerned about student safety.

I would hope that WFU has given some thought to providing students with access to organized transportation to Jacksonville. Perhaps it is too big of a task for WFU administration to tackle. It would, however, ease the concerns of Wake parents.

Congratulations on a wonderful fall season of athletics at WFU. We are proud that our son is a Demon Deacon!

-- Deacon Fan / November 22, 2006

RW: WHEN our team wins on Saturday, we will immediately send an email to all students, alums, faculty and staff giving them information about tickets and the various travel packages that our travel agent will offer. They will be able to reserve their spot on the trip to Jacksonville through that email. This will be a challenging time for our students with finals starting the Monday after the championship game but tell your son to take his books and computer and study on the bus! Go Deacs!

Q: I see that the ACC Tournament is being held this year in Tampa? Will it return to North Carolina soon and what are the futrue sites of the tournament?

-- Mitch (Seattle) / November 7, 2006

A:The ACC Tournament will return to Greensboro five times through 2015. The tournament through 2015 will be at the following cities:

2007: Tampa, FL

2008: Charlotte

2009: Atlanta

2010: Greensboro

2011: Greensboro

2012: Atlanta

2013: Greensboro

2014: Greensboro

2015: Greensboro

The ACC Women's Basketball Tournament will be hosted by Greensboro every year through 2015. We believe we have found a great home for that tournament in Greensboro!

Finally, the ACC Baseball Tournament will be held in the following cities:

2007: Jacksonville, FL

2008: Jacksonville, FL

2009: Boston (Fenway Park)

Q: I was surprised that there was no penalty on the Virginia Tech player who hit Kevin Harris and caused the fumble. It looked pretty clear like it was helmet-to-helmet contact. Have you heard any explanation why no flag was thrown?

-- Ricky / November 22, 2006

RW: Jim Grobe and I discussed the play that Kevin was injured. Jim had reviewed the video tape of the play numerous times to determine what happened. You are correct that it is illegal for a player to use his helmet as a weapon or to lead with his helmet in making contact. The reason that no penalty was called on this particular play is that both players lowered their heads before contact was made. If just one player lowers his head and uses his helmet as a weapon, there is definitely a violation of the rule and a penalty should be called. However, our video tape clearly identifies both Kevin and the VT plyer lowering their heads prior to contact. Thus, no penalty was called. At practice on Monday, Jim and his staff once again warned our players not to lead with their helmets as it is not only illegal but also very dangerous.

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