100% Cotten: Christmas Wish List

Dec. 18, 2005

It's that time of year again, and on the way to the Wake-Princeton game I was listening to a local radio station and heard Amy Grant's Tender Tennessee Christmas. The words always ring true. This will be my 45th Christmas, and all but two of them have been spent with family and friends in the hills of East Tennessee.

I've spent two Christmas Days with the Deacs at Bowl games in Hawaii and Seattle. Those were great times at two wonderful places. The trips made Christmas a little different, but I was sure glad to be a part of two special days in Wake Forest football history.

I'm sure as a kid I asked for things from Santa and my family, but I honestly can't ever remember asking for anything. I always get way too much. Like most of you - I am blessed beyond words and have a wonderful family.

So I'm going to continue to not ask for anything this year, but what I will do is ask for Santa to dig deep in his sack of gifts for some people we all know. Yes - it's time again for another cheesy Christmas column that serves two purposes: it takes up my allotted space and basically gives me an edition off.

Give me a break - it's the holidays!

Dear Santa:

Please give some of my friends the following gifts...

Chris Barclay - an All-America team to be on. After all, Wake Forest is the only school that thought he could play running back. That would show all of the other schools just how wrong they really were.

Ryan Plackemeier - a long NFL career. I could watch him kick for years and never get bored.

Chris Ellis - plenty more good looks at three point shots. I'm still surprised every time he makes one. I don't know why, maybe it's the spin - but he is an Ellis.

Jennifer Averill - another NCAA title. You can't ever have enough of those.

Cameron Stanley - more minutes. I really like saying his name.

Mike Petersen - some more energy. Surely he's about to run out.

Bill Urbanik - a burning stump. For those of you who have a clue about what I'm talking about - I can see the smiles on your faces. For those of you who don't go ahead and smile anyway, because this one is funny.

Jim Grobe - a mean bone in his body, simply because he doesn't have one.

Skip Prosser - an updated dictionary. There's no way he knows all of the definitions of those words he uses. Scratch that. I'm sure he does.

Billy Mitchell - anything he wants. For goodness sakes, he gave the OK for scholarships to both Plackemeier and Barclay and then coached them both.

Dinger - more basketball. The man is in his element.

Alphonso Smith - a really cool leather jacket. Every Fonz deserves one. And throw in three more years like this last one. He'll do the rest.

The basketball Deacs - two games with the Tar Heels instead of one. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

The football Deacs - a winning season and a bowl game in 2006. It doesn't have to be on or around Christmas this time. Any bowl will do.

Noel Shepherd - an agent. With those moves he should be getting paid.

Tal Jobe - a t-shirt with "One of the World's Great Humans" on it. Because he is.

Rick Rembielak - three or four 6'6" left-handers with 99mph heaters and a couple of burly left-handed hitters. Ever been to Omaha?

I think that's enough cheese. If you can't go across the mountain to Tennessee, I hope your holiday is special wherever you are.


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