Wake Forest Staff Directory

Staff members can be dialed directly, but you may also call (336) 758-5616 during business hours.

All numbers begin with area code 336


Link directly to email addresses. If not indicated otherwise, email addresses end in @wfu.edu.

PO Box 7265; Winston-Salem, NC 27109 PHONE EMAIL
Ron Wellman Director of Athletics
(Sport Administrator: Football, Men's Basketball)
Donna Hall Assistant to the Director of Athletics 758-4267 halldf
Sheena Poe Administrative Coordinator, AD Office 758-3140 poese
ADMINISTRATION SUITE PO Box 7348; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Barbara Walker Deputy AD/ SWA
(Sport Administrator: Baseball, Women's Basketball, Men's Tennis)
758-5753 walkerbg
Bill Oakes Sr. Associate AD, Special Projects & WSO Tennis Tournament Director
(Sport Administrator: Volleyball)
758-5950 oakeswr
Steve Adams Associate AD, Internal Operations
(Sport Administrator: Men's Soccer)
758-4908 adamss
Dwight Lewis Associate AD, Community & Alumni Relations
(Sport Administrator: Women's Soccer, Men's & Women's Track & Field/Cross Country)
758-6164 lewisd
Kate Ruley Director, Sports Nutrition 758-2416 ruleyk
Craig Zakrzewski Assistant AD, Internal Operations 758-5639 zakrzecg
Wanda Ervin Office Manager 758-5753 ervinwl
BASEBALL PO Box 7346; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Tom Walter Head Coach 758-5570 waltertf
Bill Cilento Assistant Coach 758-5645 cilentwt
Matt Hobbs Assistant Coach 758-4208 hobbsm
Joey Hammond Volunteer Assistant Coach 758-7418 hammonj
Betty Shronts Administrative Assistant, Olympic Sports 758-5751 shrontbj
BASKETBALL (MEN'S) PO Box 7506; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Danny Manning Head Coach 758-4235 baumanjm
Randolph Childress Associate Head Coach 758-5622 childrr
Jamill Jones Assistant Coach 758-2935 jonesj
Steve Woodberry Assistant Coach 758-5623 woodbes
Justin Bauman Director of Basketball Operations 758-4235 baumanjm
Roger Epps, Jr. Basketball Multimedia Coordinator 758-2012 eppsrl
Ryan Horn Director, Sports Performance - Men's Basketball 758-3252 hornrl
A.J. Kerr Sports Performance Assistant kerraj
Evan Manning Director of Player Development mannined
Lynne Heflin Administrative Assistant 758-4103 heflinlg
BASKETBALL (WOMEN'S) PO Box 7547; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Jen Hoover Head Coach 758-5862  
Melissa D'Amico Assistant Coach 758-4596 damicomi
Dane Sparrow Assistant Coach 758-4893 sparrodb
Jermaine Woods Assistant Coach 758-5942 woodsj
Olivia Bresnahan Director of Basketball Operations 758-6006 bresnaom
Chase Vaden Video Coordinator 758-3055 vadenjc
Jill Zeller Director, Sports Performance  758-5684 zellerjm
Mary Ann Justus Administrative Assistant 758-5763 justusma
BUSINESS OFFICE PO Box 7403; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Randy Casstevens Sr. Associate AD, CFO 758-5007 cassters
Luci Hill Assistant AD, Finance 758-5601 hilllp
Carly Stafford Accounts Payable 758-7047 staffocr
Beverly Ruddle Assistant Business Manager ruddlebd
Corey Jenkins Assistant AD, Events, Facilities & Operations 758-6166 jenkinca
Justin Van Nice Assistant AD, External Event and Facility Operations 758-2498 vannicjm
Nick Miller Conversion Coordinator 758-2501 millerna
Josh Suzuki Assistant Director, Operations 758-2346 suzukijr
Andrew Mann Assistant Director, Operations 758-7229 mannam
Shelby Harris Event Operations Assistant 758-2415 wfucops1
COMMUNICATIONS 519 Deacon Blvd.; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Steve Shutt Associate AD, Communications
758-5640 shuttsj
Steve Kirkland Director, Communications
(Men's Basketball, Men's Golf, Women's Golf, WakeForestSports.com)
758-6099 kirklasg
Jay Garneau Associate Director, Athletic Communications
(Baseball, Men's Soccer)
758-3229 garneajp
Dan Wallace Assistant Director, Athletic Communications
(Secondary Football, Women's Basketball, Men's Tennis)
758-1880 wallacdj
Erin Meyer Assistant Director, Athletic Communications
(Women's Soccer, Track & Field/Cross Country, Secondary Men's Basketball)
758-4120 meyerek
TBA Communications Intern
(Volleyball, Field Hockey, Women's Tennis, Secondary Women's Basketball)
Rene' Ivey Gameday Assistant  
COMPLIANCE PO Box 7716; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Todd Hairston Sr. Associate AD, Compliance & Administration 758-4243 hairstct
Sherry Long Compliance Director 758-4610 longsw
TBA Compliance Director 758-3992
Carol Anne Sowell Compliance Coordinator 758-4620 sowellca
COMPUTER SERVICES PO Box 7403; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Russ Hundley Director, Information Technology 758-6165 russ
Kevin Pope Assistant Director, Information Technology 758-6165 popekl
DEVELOPMENT/ DEACON CLUB 499 Deacon Blvd.; Winston-Salem, NC 27105 758-5626
Barry Faircloth Sr. Associate AD, Development and Sales 758-4961 fairclbw
Dwight Lewis Associate AD, Community & Alumni Relations 758-6164 lewisd
Mike Piscetelli Associate AD, Principal Gifts 758-3647 piscetmf
Nicole Chilson Assistant AD, Donor Engagement 758-5851 chilsons
Brad Darmofal Assistant AD, Analytics and Development 758-4594 darmofbw
Paul Kennedy Assistant AD, Development 758-3875 kennedpj
Gerard McMahon Assistant AD, Annual Fund & Major Gifts 758-4264 mcmahogg
Bill Merrifield Assistant AD, Development 758-6468 merrifbd
Maddy Overbey Director, Donor Engagement 758-2730 overbmk
Noel Shepherd Director, Engagement/Development 758-4651 noelshep
Alan Ashworth Regional Director, Development 758-5008 ashworah
Kevin Smith Regional Director, Development 758-5101 smithka
Steve Vallos Regional Director, Development 758-2457 vallossm
Bronnie Queen Operations Director, Development 758-5626 queenab
Chris Gray Assistant Director, Development 758-2937 grayc
Addison Sutton Assistant Director, Development 758-5562 suttam15
Ryann McConnell Development Assistant 758-2588 mcconnr
EQUIPMENT PO Box 7348; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Roxann Moody Assistant AD, Equipment Services 758-4306 moodyrx
Brian Daniels Director, Equipment Services 758-3712 danielbj
Molly Bachand Director, Equipment Services 758-7123 bachanme
Alix Gleitz Assistant Director, Equipment Services 758-2331 gleitzad
Will Matzke Assistant Director, Equipment Services 758-4003 matzkew
Seth Barwick Coordinator, Equipment Services 758-3950 barwicjs
Mike Rutherford Laundry Attendant    
Demi Reynolds Equipment Assistant
EVENT MANAGEMENT PO Box 7348; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Pete Fisch Associate AD, Guest Experience/Venue Management & Championships
(Sport Administrator: Women's Tennis)
758-2659 fischpj
Corey Jenkins Assistant AD, Events & Facilities & Operations 758-6166 jenkinca
Ellie Shannon Assistant AD, Athletic Event and Facilities Operations 758-6504 shannoer
Amy Fleet Assistant AD, Special Events & Hospitality 758-6157 fleetac
Aaron Boseman Assistant Director, Event Management & Facilities 758-5588 bosemaam
Lacey Hatcher Assistant Director, Event Management & Facilities 758-6994 hatchels
Nick Miller Conversion Coordinator 758-2501 millerna
Candice Parsons Assistant Director, Event Management 758-3547
FACILITIES & TURF MANAGEMENT PO Box 7598; Winston-Salem, NC 27109 758-4221
Chris Stilley Director, Athletic Facilities 758-4509 stillecl
Jamey Reeves Assistant Director, Athletic Facilities 758-4220 reevesje
Jim Carlin Safety & Inspections Technician 758-4221 carlinj
Darren Bowers Service Technician 758-4221 bowersdk
Judd Flowers Service Technician 758-4221 flowerjd
Will Marion Service Technician 758-4221 marionw
Ben Wood Service Technician 758-4221 woodwb
David Pennell Service Technician 758-4221 penneldm
Dereick Lopez Service Technician 758-4221 lopezdd
Michael Crews Service Technician 758-4221 crewsmt
Chris Williams Director, Turf Management 758-4224 williach
Drew Maguire Associate Director, Turf Management 758-4224 maguirat
Dean Jarvis Turf Technician 758-4221 jarvistd
Phil Hardy Turf Technician 758-4221 hardypt
Cody Rothrock Turf Technician 758-4221 rothrocd
Susan Lawson Administrative Coordinator, Facilities & Turf Management 758-4221 lawsonsg
Vance Robinette Intern, Turf Management
FIELD HOCKEY PO Box 7346; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Jennifer Averill Head Coach 758-5859 averiljd
Rich Sutton Associate Head Coach 758-4615 suttonr
TBA Assistant Coach 758-3292
Kaitlyn Ruhf Volunteer Coach
FOOTBALL PO Box 7268; Winston-Salem, NC 27109 758-5631
Dave Clawson Head Coach 758-5633 raebe
Kevin Higgins Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers 758-5845 higginkf
Warren Ruggiero Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks 758-5839 ruggiewd
Jay Sawvel Defensive Coordinator 758-5870 sawvelja
Wayne Lineburg Special Teams Coordinator/Tight Ends 758-5799 linebuwe
John Hunter Assistant Coach/Running Backs 758-5782 hunterjl
Nick Tabacca Assistant Coach/Offensive Line 758-5633 tabaccn
Dave Cohen Assistant Coach/Defensive Line/Defensive Run Game Coordinator 758-5844 cohend
Lyle Hemphill Assistant Coach/Safeties 758-5846 hemphilj
Brad Sherrod Assistant Coach/Linebackers 758-5843 sherrobj
Ryan Crawford Assistant Coach/Cornerbacks 758-5780 crawforw
Jordan Jarry Assistant Athletic Director - Football/Director of Football Operations 758-5810 jarryjp
John Ford, Jr. Associate Director of Football Operations 758-5632 fordjg
Ben Cauthen Video Coordinator/Operations Assistant 758-4873 cauthebh
Ben Baker Athletics Assistant - Operations/Video 758-4873 bakerbc
Tom McEntire Defensive Analyst 758-5644 mcentita
Tom Gilmore Defensive Analyst gilmort
Stephen Bravo-Brown Graduate Assistant 758-5841 bravobsa
Nick Rallis Graduate Assistant 758-5841 rallnj18
Trevor Mendelson Graduate Assistant 758-5841 reihneka
Bryant Gross-Armiento Graduate Assistant 758-5841 reihneka
Greg Jones Director of Recruiting jonesjg
Chris Coulter Recruiting Assistant/Recruiting Operations 758-4685 coultect
Montel Hardy Recruiting Assistant 758-4685 hardymn
Candra Howell Recruiting Assistant - On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator 758-4685 howellc
Kyle Perkins Recruiting Assistant 758-4685 perkinkc
Bonnie Rae Administrative Coordinator 758-5633 raebe
GOLF (MEN'S) PO Box 7567; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Jerry Haas Head Coach 758-6000 haasjl
Aaron O'Callaghan Associate Head Coach 758-6000
Emily Richey Program Coordinator, Men's & Women's Golf 758-6000 richeyem
GOLF (WOMEN'S) PO Box 7567; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Kim Lewellen Head Coach 758-5858 lewellkb
Ryan Potter Associate Head Coach 758-5619 potterrm
Emily Richey Program Coordinator, Men's & Women's Golf 758-6000 richeyem
IMG COLLEGE 519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105  
Jeff Salisbury General Manager 758-7230 jeff.salisbury
Ike Fullard Associate General Manager 758-7232 ike.fullard
Neil Bishop Account Executive 758-7233 neil.bishop
Kelsey Gomes Partner Services Coordinator 758-2572 kelsey.gomes
Stan Cotten IMG College Radio 758-4515 stan.cotten
INDOOR TENNIS CENTER 100 W. 32nd St.; Winston-Salem, NC 27105 758-5634
Tamer Hegazy Director, Indoor Tennis Center 758-3592 hegazyte
Michelle Bohmann Indoor Tennis Center Assistant 758-5634 bohmanma
Carolyn Disney Indoor Tennis Center Assistant 758-5634 disneyca
Scott Hill Indoor Tennis Center Assistant 758-5634 hillsa
Nancy McDowell Indoor Tennis Center Assistant 758-5634 mcdowenl
Amber Roland Indoor Tennis Center Assistant 758-5634
MARKETING & PROMOTIONS 519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 758-5011
Lenny Mathis Assistant AD, Marketing 758-5010 mathisld
Brooke Johnston Assistant Director, Marketing 758-3255 johnstmb
Evan Feinstein Assistant Director, Marketing 758-5011 feinstes
Bryan Hall Cheer/Dance Coach (P-T) 758-4902 hallbj
Jessica Fritts Assistant Cheer Coach (P-T) 758-4902 frittsjn
Jordan Snow Assistant Dance Coach (P-T) 758-4902 snowjl
Kevin Bowen Director of Athletic Bands 758-5365 bowenck
Brandon Robinson Associate Director of Bands 758-3050 robinsbe
MULTIMEDIA 519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105  
James Overstreet Assistant AD, Multimedia & Broadcast Operations 758-4694 overstjn
Hannah Bailey Director, Multimedia 758-4645 baileyhc
Mackenzie Smith Assistant Director, Multimedia 758-2344 smithms
Terrell Adams Assistant Director, Multimedia 758-2347 adamstk
Wes Hylemon Multimedia Technician 758-5109 hylemowe
Betty Shronts Administrative Assistant 758-5751 shrontbj
SOCCER (MEN'S) PO Box 7346; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Bobby Muuss Head Coach 758-5783 muussrp
Steve Armas Assistant Coach 758-5516 armasas
Dane Brenner Assistant Coach 758-3744 brennerd
Matt Poplawski Volunteer Assistant Coach 758-3059 wfsoccer
Betty Shronts Administrative Assistant, Olympic Sports 758-5751 shrontbj
SOCCER (WOMEN'S) PO Box 7346; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Tony da Luz Head Coach 758-4375 daluz
Jason Lowe Associate Head Coach 758-4201 lowejw
Courtney Owen Assistant Coach 758-4291 owencl
Betty Shronts Administrative Assistant 758-5751 shrontbj
Erik Hassy General Manager Erik_Hassy@comcastspectacor.com
TBA Executive Chef
Laura Dolansky Catering Manager Laura_Dolansky@comcastspectacor.com
Andrea Moore Catering Sales Andrea_Moore@comcastspectacor.com
Mark Noda Deacon Grille Manager Mark_Noda@comcastspectacor.com
Tyler Runyon Concessions Manager tyler_runyon@comcastspectatcor.com
SPORTS MEDICINE PO Box 7329, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 758-5620
Dr. John Hubbard Co-Director, Sports Medicine
Dr. Chris Miles Co-Director, Sports Medicine
Greg Collins Assistant AD, Sports Medicine 758-5620 collinsg
Laura Caskey Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-4792 caskeylm
David Chandler Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-3215 chandldo
Andrew Downing Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-7751 downinat
Niles Fleet Rehabilitation Coordinator & Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-4489 fleetna
Chris Hanks Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-5765 hankscl
Scott Spernoga Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-4595 spernosg
Don Steelman Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-5856 steeldf
Jeff Strahm Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-4212 strahmjg
Ada Weiss Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-4592 weissar
Michael White Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-4234 whitegm
Heather Wong Assistant Athletic Trainer 758-3062 wonghm
Robin Godwin Administrative Coordinator 758-4188 godwinrs
SPORTS PERFORMANCE PO Box 7461; Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Brandon Hourigan Director, Sports Performance - Football  758-4048 hourigbg
Ryan Horn Director, Sports Performance - Men's Basketball 758-3252 hornrl
Jill Zeller Director, Sports Performance - Women's Basketball 758-5684 zellerjm
Kate Ruley Director, Sports Nutrition 758-2416 ruleyk
David Bass Director, Sports Performance  758-7328 bassdm
Rachel Conway Sport Psychologist conwayr
Chad Bari Assistant Director, Sports Performance - Football  758-4148 baricm
Kristian Borthwick Assistant Director, Sports Performance borthwjk
Mark Seaver Assistant Director, Sports Performance 758-7329 seaverma
Tim Wright Assistant Director, Sports Performance 758-3080 wrightwt
A.J. Kerr Sports Performance Assistant kerraj
Jamel Cooper Sports Performance Coordinator-Football 758-5387 cooperrj
Nick Zinani Sports Perfomance Coordinator-Football zinaning
Brendan Nave Sports Performance Assistant navebb
STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS 519 Deacon Blvd.; Winston-Salem, NC 27105 758-7225
Mike Odom Associate AD, Strategic Communications & Championships
(Sport Administrator: Men's Golf, Women's Golf)
758-5009 odomms
Stephanie Hudson Assistant AD, Strategic Communications
(Sport Administrator: Cheer/Dance)
758-6019 hudsonsa
Rachael Bari Director, Strategic Communications 758-7226 barir
Lauren Close Assistant Director, Strategic Communications 758-7012 closel
Linda Rieck Administrative Coordinator, Strategic Communications 758-7225 riecklc
STUDENT-ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT PO Box 6242; Winston-Salem, NC 27109 758-5850
Ashley Wechter Assistant AD, Student-Athlete Development
(Sport Administrator: Field Hockey)
758-4609 wechtean
Brooke Thomas Assistant Director, Student-Athlete Development 758-6464 thomasbj
STUDENT-ATHLETE SERVICES PO Box 6242; Winston-Salem, NC 27109 758-5850
Jane Caldwell Sr. Associate AD, S-A Services & Asst. to the Dean
758-6010 caldwejh
Christia Fisher Assistant Director, Student-Athlete Services 758-3190 fisherch
Seth Youngblood Assistant Director, Student-Athlete Services 758-4611 youngbsf
Briana Brewer Academic Counselor 758-1827 brewerbr
Shelbie Wise Academic Counselor 758-5850 wisesl
Brooke Taylor Academic Counselor  758-3191 taylorbm
Kristin Weisse Academic Counselor & Tutor Coordinator 758-7056 weiskm13
Pat Tomlinson Administrative Assistant, Student-Athlete Services 758-5850 tomlinps
519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 758-5950
Bill Oakes Sr. Associate AD, Strategic Communications/Tournament Director 758-5950 oakeswr
Amy Knudson Associate Director, W-S Open 758-6191 knudsoab
Kinsey Schultz Tournament Coordinator, W-S Open 758-4894 patemk
Tony Bresky Head Coach 758-5886 breskyt
Chris Eaton Assistant Coach 758-7170 eatoncp
Drew Lied Volunteer Assistant Coach    
Betty Shronts Administrative Assistant, Olympic Sports 758-5751 shrontbj
Jeff Wyshner Head Coach 758-5752 wyshner
Andy Roland Assistant Coach 758-4571 rolandga
Daneika Borthwick Volunteer Assistant Coach
Betty Shronts Administrative Assistant, Olympic Sports 758-5751 shrontbj
TICKET OFFICE 499 Deacon Blvd.; Winston-Salem, NC 27105 758-3322
Bethany Davoll Assistant AD, Ticket Operations 758-4183 davollbj
James Guth Associate Director, Ticket Operations 758-4182 guthje
Jack Greene Assistant Director, Ticket Operations 758-4125 greenejs
Dominic Janusky Ticket Office Assistant 758-3322
TICKET SALES 499 Deacon Blvd.; Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Jon Hoban Assistant AD, Sales & Development 758-4030 hobanj
Kurt Birkins Director, Sales and Development 758-4034 birkinkd
Rich Millard Senior Account Executive 758-4037 millarr
Jackson Hamilton Account Executive 758-4036 hamiltjc
Bo Nahstoll Account Executive 758-4032 nahstorl
Kenny Marchyshyn Revenue Generation Intern 758-2598 marchyk
TRACK & FIELD/CROSS COUNTRY PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109
John Hayes Director, Track & Field and Cross Country 758-4871 hayesjw
Michelle Chewens Head Women's Cross Country / Assistant Track & Field
(Mid-Distance, Distance)
758-4872 chewenml
Jermaine Jones Assistant Coach
758-3872 jonesje
Brian Mondschein Assistant Coach
(Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps, Multis)
758-5630 mondscbe
Andrew Ferris Assistant Coach
(Cross Country, Mid-Distance, Distance)
758-5860 ferrisal
Betty Shronts Administrative Assistant 758-5751 shrontbj
TRAVEL  PO Box 7403, Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Terri Mitchell Anthony Travel Representative 758-7316 TerriMitchell
VOLLEYBALL  PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Bill Ferguson Head Coach 758-6992 ferguswm
Randi Smart Associate Head Coach 758-6997 smartr
Arturo Rivera Assistant Coach 758-6993 riveraaj
Erin Taylor Volunteer Coach
Wanda Ervin Office Manager 758-5753 ervinwl
Women's Football Camp