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Wake Forest Staff Directory

All phone numbers begin with: (336) 758-
All email addresses end with: @wfu.edu
The general Wake Forest Athletics phone number is (336) 758-4620

Directory updated on April 8, 2015.

Athletic Director's Office PO Box 7265, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5616 Email
Ron Wellman Director of Athletics 5616
Donna Hall Assistant to the Director of Athletics 5616 halldf
Amy Fleet Administrative Coordinator 4267 fleetac
Administration PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5753 Email
Barbara Walker Sr. Associate Athletic Director/SWA 5753 walkerbg
Mike Buddie Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Administration 3766 buddiemj
Pete Fisch Associate AD, Guest Experience and Venue Management 2659 fischpj
Wanda Ervin Administrative Coordinator 5753 ervinwl
Dr. Richard Carmichael Faculty Athletic Representative 5357 carmicha
Baseball PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5570 Email
Tom Walter Head Coach 5570 waltertf
Matt Hobbs Assistant Coach 4208 hobbsm
Bill Cilento Assistant Coach 5645 cilentwt
Joey Hammond Volunteer Assistant Coach 7418 hammonj
Basketball (Men's) PO Box 7506, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5622 Email
Danny Manning Head Coach 4235 baumanjm
Steve Woodberry Assistant Coach 5623 woodbes
Randolph Childress Assistant Coach 5622 childrr
Brett Ballard Assistant Coach 2935 ballarbl
Justin Bauman Director of Basketball Operations 4235 baumanjm
Josh Mills Director of Player Development 2738 millsjr
Joe Balestrieri Video Coordinator 2012 balestje
Will Murphy Director of Technology and Scouting Assistant 2012 murphyws
Lynne Heflin Administrative Assistant 4103 heflinlg
Basketball (Women's) PO Box 7547, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5763 Email
Jen Hoover Head Coach 5862  
Mike Terry Assistant Coach 4596 terrymd
Gayle Coats Fulks Assistant Coach 5942 coatsgt
Clarisse Garcia Assistant Coach 6006 garciacl
Dane Sparrow Director of Basketball Operations 4893 sparrodb
Mary Ann Justus Administrative Assistant 5763 justusma
Chris Sullivan Video Coordinator/Assistant Director of Operations 5684 sullivcm
Business Office PO Box 7403, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 3950 Email
Randy Casstevens Associate Athletic Director, Finance 5007 cassters
Luci Hill Assistant Athletic Director, Finance 5601 hilllp
Seth Barwick Business/Compliance Specialist 3950 barwicjs
Terri Tyson Accounting Assistant 4593 tysontl
Communications 519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 5640 Email
Steve Shutt Associate Athletic Director for Athletic Communications
5640 shuttsj
TBA Director of Athletic Communications
(Men's Basketball)
Erika Carrubba Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
(Women's Basketball, Field Hockey, M&W Golf, Digital Communications)
1880 carrubel
Jay Garneau Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
(Baseball, Women's Soccer, Secondary Football)
3229 garneajp
Josh Gresh Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
(Men's Soccer, M&W XC/T&F, Secondary Basketball)
4120 greshj
Andrew Wilson Athletic Communications Assistant
(Volleyball, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis, Winston-Salem Open)
5842 wilsonaj
Emily Richey Administrative Coordinator 5640 richeyem
Kinsey Pate Athletic Communications Coordinator
4894 patemk
Rene' Ivey Gameday Assistant  
Compliance PO Box 7716, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 4620 Email
Todd Hairston Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 4243 hairstct
Kirsten Elleby Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance & Student-Athlete Support 3992 ellebykc
Linda Rieck Administrative Secretary 4620 riecklc
Computer Services PO Box 7403, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 6165 Email
Russ Hundley Director of Information Technology 6165 russ
Kevin Pope Assistant Director of Information Technology 6165 popekl
Deacon Club
499 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 5626 Email
Barry Faircloth Associate Athletic Director, Development and Sales 4961 fairclbw
Brad Darmofal Assistant Athletic Director, Sales and Development 4594 darmofbw
Paul Kennedy Assistant Athletic Director, Development 3875 kennedpj
Mike Piscetelli Assistant Athletic Director, Major Gifts 3647 piscetmf
Gerard McMahon Assistant Athletic Director, Development/Annual Fund 4264 mcmahogg
Nicole Chilson Director, Development and Stewardship 5851 chilsons
Noel Shepherd Regional Director of Athletic Development 4651 noelshep
Bill Merrifield Regional Director of Athletic Development 6468 merrifbd
Alan Ashworth Regional Director of Athletic Development 5008 ashworah
Maddy Overbey Assistant Director of Development/Member Services 2730 overbmk
Bronnie Queen Coordinator, Development and Sales 5626 queenab
Equipment PO Box 7348, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 4306 Email
Roxann Moody Assistant Athletic Director, Equipment Services 4306 moodyrx
Craig Zakrzewski Director of Equipment Room Services 5639 zakrzecg
Brian Daniels Director of Equipment Room Services, Football 3712 danielbj
Reece Wallace Assistant Director of Equipment Room Services 4003 wallacrl
Tyson Street Assistant Manager of Equipment Room Services 2331 streettc
Mike Rutherford Laundry Attendant    
Event Management PO Box 7348, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5753 Email
Steve Adams Assistant Athletic Director, Internal Operations 4908 adamss
Corey Jenkins Assistant Athletic Director, Events, Facilities and Operations 6166 jenkinca
Event Management & Facilities PO Box 7348, Winston-Salem, NC 27109    
Orville Jennings Director, Event Management and Facilities 6994 jenninoj
Ellie Shannon Associate Director, Event Management and Scheduling 6504 shannoer
Amy Knudson Associate Director, W-S Open and Event Management 6191 knudsoab
Jami Dawson Assistant Director, Event Management & Facilities 5588 dawsonjd
Kristen Matthes Event Management Assistant 4743 athops
Carolyn Jenkins Event Management Assistant 3547 eventops
Event Operations 2825 University Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27105    
Chris Singleton Director, Event Operations 2498 singleca
TBA 2501
Josh Suzuki Assistant Director, Operations 2346 suzukijr
Philip Piech Event Operations Assistant 2410 wfucops1
Special Events 499 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105    
Anne Gordon Assistant Athletic Director, Hospitality & Special Events 6157 gordonad
TBA Assistant Director, Special Events 4468
Facilities & Turf Management PO Box 7598, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 4221 Email
Chris Stilley Director of Athletic Facilities 4509 stillecl
Scott Booth Assistant Director of Athletic Facilities 4220 boothds
Jim Carlin Safety and Inspections Technician 4221 carlinj
Darren Bowers Service Technician 4221 bowersdk
Judd Flowers Service Technician 4221 flowerjd
TBA Service Technician 4221
Will Marion Service Technician 4221 marionw
David Pennell Service Technician 4221 penneldm
Derrick Scales Service Technician 4221 scalesda
Chris Williams Director of Turf Management 4224 williach
Andrew Maguire Assistant Director of Turf Management 4224 maguirat
Jimmy Gore Turf Technician 4221 gorejd
Dean Jarvis Turf Technician 4221 jarvistd
Jared King Turf Technician 4221 kingjm
Susan Lawson Administrative Coordinator, Facilities/Turf Management 4221 lawsonsg
Field Hockey PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5859 Email
Jennifer Averill Head Coach 5859 averiljd
Barb Weinberg Assistant Coach 3292 weinbebn
Rich Sutton Assistant Coach/Technical Director 4615 suttonr
Football PO Box 7268, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5631 Email
Dave Clawson Head Coach 5633 raebe
Kevin Higgins Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers 5845 higginkf
Mike Elko Defensive Coordinator/Safeties 5846 elkom
Warren Ruggiero Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks 5839 ruggiewd
Adam Scheier Special Teams Coordinator/Tight Ends 5799 scheieaj
Warren Belin Assistant Coach/Linebackers 5870 belinwe
Dave Cohen Assistant Coach/Defensive Line 5844 cohend
John Hunter Assistant Coach/Running Backs 5782 hunterjl
Derrick Jackson Assistant Coach/Cornerbacks 5843 jacksodt
Nick Tabacca Assistant Coach/Offensive Line 5633 tabaccn
David Kekuewa Graduate Assistant 5841 kekuewdw
Taylor Redd Graduate Assistant 4659 reddtd
Tyler Santucci Graduate Assistant, Defense 6413 santuctm
TBD Graduate Assistant 6412
Bill Faircloth Assistant Athletic Director, Football 5780 fairclwm
Jordan Jarry Director of Football Operations 5810 jarryjp
Ben Cauthen Video Coordinator/Operations Assistant 4873 cauthebh
TBD Athletics Assistant - Operations/Video 4873
Bonnie Rae Assistant to Head Coach, Administrative Coordinator 5633 raebe
Bill Rees Director of Player Personal 5633 reeswr
Asil Mulbah Director of High School Relations 4685 mulbaha
Zach Stone Recruiting Assistant 4685 stonezm
Jay Haeseker Recruiting Assistant 4685 haesekjw
Eric Sheridan Recruiting Assistant 4685 sheridem
Football Recruiting Office   4685  
Golf (Men's) PO Box 7567, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 6000 Email
Jerry Haas Head Coach 6000 haasjl
Dan Walters Associate Head Coach 6000 walterdd
Golf (Women's) PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5751 Email
Dianne Dailey Head Coach 5858 dianned
Kevin Diaz Associate Head Coach 5619 diazkm
Laura Diaz Volunteer Assistant Coach    
IMG College 519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105   Email
Jeff Salisbury General Manager 7230 jeff.salisbury
Ike Fullard Associate General Manager 7232 ike.fullard
Neil Bishop Account Executive 7233 neil.bishop
Melissa Sexton Partner Services Coordinator 2572 melissa.sexton
Stan Cotten IMG College Radio 4515 stan.cotten
Indoor Tennis Center 100 W. 32nd Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 5634 Email
Tamer Hegazy Indoor Tennis Center Director 3592 hegazyte
Carolyn Disney Indoor Tennis Center Attendant 5634 disneyca
Nancy McDowell Indoor Tennis Center Assistant 5634 mcdowenl
Amber Hyatt Indoor Tennis Center Assistant 5634 hyattam
Marketing & Promotions 519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 5011 Email
Mike Odom Assistant Athletic Director - Marketing/Special Projects 5009 odomms
Blake Edmunds Director of Marketing 5010 edmundeb
Kathleen Hurley Assistant Director of Marketing 5011 hurleyka
Jacqueline Sharpee Assistant Director of Marketing 3255 sharpej
Tate Mickey Marketing Coordinator 3878 sminter1
Jeremy Philipson Marketing Coordinator 3878 sminter2
Bryan Hall Cheer/Dance Coach (P-T) 4902 hallbj
Jessica Fritts Assistant Cheer Coach (P-T) 4902 frittsjn
Jordan Snow Assistant Dance Coach (P-T) 4902 snowjl
Kevin Bowen Director of Athletic Bands 5365 bowenck
Brandon E. Robinson Associate Director of Bands 3050 robinsbe
Multimedia 519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105   Email
James Overstreet Director of Multimedia 4694 overstjn
Hannah Bailey Assistant Director of Multimedia 4645 baileyhc
Roger Epps, Jr. Assistant Director of Multimedia 2347 eppsrl
Lauren Desarmo Assistant Director of Multimedia 2344 desarmla
Olympic Sports PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109   Email
Betty Shronts Administrative Assistant 5751 shrontbj
Soccer (Men's) PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5516 Email
Bobby Muuss Head Coach 5783  
Steve Armas Assistant Coach 5516 armasas
Dane Brenner Assistant Coach 3744 brennerd
Eder Quintanilla Director of Player Development   quintae
Soccer (Women's) PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 4375 Email
Tony da Luz Head Coach 4375 daluz
Megan Jessee Assistant Coach 4291 jesseem
Jason Lowe Assistant Coach 4201 lowejw
Sports Medicine PO Box 7329, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5620 Email
Dr. David Martin Director of Sports Medicine 716-8319 clinic
Greg Collins Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine 5620 collinsg
Anne Bradley Assistant Athletic Trainer 4592 bradleam
David Chandler Assistant Athletic Trainer 3215 chandldo
Niles Fleet Rehabilitation Coordinator/Assistant Athletic Trainer 4489 fleetna
Chris Ina Assistant Athletic Trainer 4187 inaec
Nick Richey Assistant Athletic Trainer 5765 richeynk
Scott Spernoga Assistant Athletic Trainer 4595 spernosg
Don Steelman Assistant Athletic Trainer 5856 steeldf
Jeff Strahm Assistant Athletic Trainer 4212 strahmjg
Michael White Assistant Athletic Trainer 4234 whitegm
Heather Wong Assistant Athletic Trainer 3062 wonghm
Robin Godwin Administrative Coordinator 4188 godwinrs
Sports Performance PO Box 7461, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5629 Email
Ethan Reeve Assistant Director of Athletics, Sports Performance 6406 reeveec
Brandon Hourigan Director of Sports Performance, Football   hourigbg
Ryan Horn Director of Sports Performance, Men's Basketball 3252 hornrl
Joseph Grachen Director of Sports Performance, Women's Basketball   grachejr
Chad Bari Assistant Director of Sports Performance, Football   baricm
David Bass Assistant Director of Sports Performance 7328 bassdm
Mark Seaver Coordinator of Sports Performance 7329 seaverma
Louis Thompson Coordinator of Sports Performance 5629 thompssl
Tim Wright Coordinator of Sports Performance 3080 wrightwt
Strategic Communications 519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 7225 Email
Bill Oakes Associate Athletic Director, Strategic Communications 5950 oakeswr
Stephanie Hudson Assistant Athletic Director, External Communications 6019 hudsonsa
TBA Assistant Director of External Communications
Carol Anne Sowell Coordinator, Strategic Communications 7225 sowellca
Student-Athlete Development PO Box 6242, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5850 Email
Dwight Lewis Associate Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development 6164 lewisd
Skip Brown Assistant Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development and Operations Finance 2319 brownso
Ashley Wechter Assistant Director, Student-Athlete Development 4609 wechtean
Kristin Weisse Assistant, Student-Athlete Development 6464 weiskm13
Student-Athlete Services PO Box 6242, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 5850 Email
Jane Caldwell Associate AD, S-A Services/Assistant to the Dean of the College 6010 caldwejh
Sherry Long Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Academic Counseling 4610 longsw
Ann Flynn Academic Counselor 1827 flynnac
Brooke Taylor Academic Counselor 3191 taylorbm
Seth Youngblood Academic Counselor 4611 youngbsf
Christia Fisher Tutor Coordinator 3190 fisherch
Pat Tomlinson Administrative Assistant 5850 tomlinps
Doug Bland Associate Director of Athletics 5916 blandwd
Grant Shambley Assistant, Student-Athlete Services    
Winston-Salem Open Tennis Tournament 100 W. 32nd Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 5950 Email
Bill Oakes Associate Athletic Director/Tournament Director 5950 oakeswr
Amy Knudson Associate Director, W-S Open and Event Management 6191 knudsoab
Andrew Wilson Director of Media Relations, W-S Open 5842 wilsonaj
Kinsey Pate Tournament Coordinator, W-S Open 4894 patemk
Tennis (Men's) 32nd Street at Shorefair Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 5886 Email
Tony Bresky Head Coach 5886 breskyt
Jeremy Feldman Assistant Coach 7170 feldmaja
Alex Emery Volunteer Assistant Coach    
Jordan Hawks Volunteer Director of Operations    
Tennis (Women's) 32nd Street at Shorefair Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 5752 Email
Jeff Wyshner Head Coach 5752 wyshner
Andy Roland Assistant Coach 4571 rolandga
Ticket Office 499 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 3322 Email
Bethany Davoll Director of Ticket Operations 4183 davollbj
Kelcey Yoder Assistant Director of Ticket Operations 4125 yoderkv
James Guth Assistant Director of Ticket Operations 4182 guthje
TBD Ticket Office Assistant 3322
Ticket Sales 519 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 4030 Email
Jon Hoban Director, Sales & Development 4030 hobanj
Paul Hinrichs Sales Representative 4036 hinricpt
TBA Sales Representative
Kurt Birkins Sales Representative 4034 birkinkd
Rich Millard Sales Representative 4037 millarr
Track & Field/Cross Country PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 4872 Email
John Millar Director of Track & Field/Cross Country 4871 millarjm
Brad Hunt Assistant Cross Country/Track & Field Coach (Distance) 4872 huntsb
Zeb Sion Assistant Track & Field Coach (Throws) 3872 sionzr
Tim Sullivan Assistant Track & Field Coach (Vertical Jumps) 5630 sullivtl
Steven Johnson Volunteer Assistant Coach    
Travel Agent   7316 Email
Jeanne Bowes Anthony Travel Representative 7316 JeanneBowes
Volleyball PO Box 7346, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 6993 Email
Ken Murczek Head Coach 6993 murczekk
Diego Castaneda Assistant Coach 6993 castand
Katie Martincich Assistant Coach 6997 martinke
Jen Murczek Director of Summer Camps and Youth Programming 5118 murczej