Team Information:
The cheerleading squad is made up of 8-12 co-ed couples and cheers for three highly-regarded ACC teams: the football team and both the men's and women's basketball teams.

The dance team is traditionally made up of 12-20 girls with high dance ability. The team also performs at football, men's basketball and women's basketball games.

The Demon Deacon spirit teams begin cheering and dancing at the first football game of the season, with a select group travelling to all away football games. In November, the teams begin their appearances at basketball home games. There is
no travel during basketball season, which runs until late March. However, a select group of cheerleaders and/or dancers do perform at the ACC and NCAA Tournaments.

Tryout Information:
The Wake Forest Spirit Office holds one-day tryouts for the cheerleading squad, dance team and mascot positions at the beginning of the fall semester and end of the spring semester. Only current full-time students or incoming freshmen that are accepted and completely committed to Wake Forest may try out for the teams. Tryouts are open to the general public and are located in Varsity Gym inside of Reynolds Gymnasium.

All students who attend the spring tryouts must be able to return to Wake Forest at least two weeks before the fall semester begins. Any incoming freshmen that wish to try out for the teams must bring proof of their acceptance and commitment to Wake Forest.

In order for students to be selected for the teams during the spring tryouts, they must be capable of being on the Varsity teams. All students who are better suited for the White Team (Junior Varsity) are encouraged to attend the tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester.

Cheerleading Tryouts:
All females trying out for the cheerleading squad should wear smooth-bottomed shoes and cotton shorts. They must be able to partner stunt and are expected to have a standing back handspring, a standing back-tuck and a running tumbling pass. Everyone is required to do a toss to hands extension with a twist/full cradle, along with two other optional partner stunts of their choice. Males trying out for cheerleading do not need prior experience but do need to be athletic. Former athletes are perfect for the cheer team. The coaching staff conducts interviews throughout the audition process.

Dance Team Tryouts:
All students trying out for the dance team are expected to be able to leap and turn extremely well. Dancers are chosen based on their ability to learn new material quickly and to perform it well. They are also asked to perform a variety of leaps, turns and other basic technical skills. The head coach conducts interviews throughout the audition process.

Women's Football Camp