Demon Deacon Appearance Request Form

Please note that the Demon Deacon will be unavailable during the dates of June 1 - August 1 of each year. Check back with us in August to request the Demon Deacon for your event.

Thank you for your interest in having the Demon Deacon appear at your event. Please review the following Terms and Conditions and fill out and submit all items on the Appearance Request Form. A representative of the Wake Forest Athletic Department will be in contact shortly to confirm the Demon Deacon's availability for the appearance. All requests must be made at least one week prior to the event date and time.

Demon Deacon Appearance Terms and Conditions

    1. All appearances are subject to the approval of the Wake Forest Athletic Department.

    2. Appearances are limited to 1 hour and are subject to the availability of the student-athlete and weather conditions if outdoors.

    3. For most non-charity events, the appearance fee for the Demon Deacon is $50/hour. Payment is due upon completion of the appearance in cash or check form.

    4. Event organizers must provide a private, secure place for the student-athlete to change and store belongings for the duration of the appearance.

    5. Event organizers must provide parking for the student-athlete.

    6. Event organizers must provide water for the student-athlete.

    7. Please understand that due to insurance, liability, and costuming constraints, the Demon Deacon is unable to perform certain actions. Please provide as much detailed information as possible regarding the nature of the appearance in the Appearance Request Form.

    8. Due to insurance, liability and athletic department policy and procedure, all appearances must take place within Forsyth County, NC.


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