2017 Cheer and Dance Tryout Information
March 30, 2017

Dates and Times:

CHEER - April 9 & April 23 from 10am-noon & 1-3pm.

            * You only have to attend 1 of the weekend tryouts. Team members will be selected at both weekends. *

DANCE - April 23 from 6-9pm.

MASCOT - April 23 from 1-3pm.


Location: Manchester Athletic Center (CHEER/MASCOT), Dance Studio (DANCE).




Dress Attire:


Dance - Wear solid colors and form-fitted attire (e.g. tank top, sports bra, capris, leggings, spandex shorts). Dance shoes required. Performance hair (can be ponytail or partially pulled back) and makeup required for all days.

Cheer - Wear Black, Gold and/or White (tshirt, shorts). Can be Wake-specific but not a cheer or dance shirt. No tank-tops or spandex.

Tryout Requirements:


  • Stunts
    • Coed - Purdue, Toss hands
    • Small Coed - Stretch or Arabesque (recommended)
      • Flyers should show good flexibility
      • Bases should show strength and control
  • Tumbling (will be evaluated on a non-spring floor)
    • Standing backhandspring or back tuck
    • Jump(s) to backhandspring or back tuck
    • Running tumbling pass consisting of a round off handspring or better.
      • Tumbling is highly recommended but not required                              
  • Band cheer taught at tryouts (Fight song)
  • Brief interview


  • Technique
    • Combinations (across the floor)
    • Basic leaps and turns
    • Jazz combinations
      • Should show elite flexibility
      • Should show strength and control
  • Pom Technique/Cheers
    • Strong motions and proper placement
  • Band cheer taught at tryouts (Pom dances and Fight song)
  • Brief interview


  • Work with our current mascots and mascot coach who will get you into costume and show you how to perform as a mascot.
  • You will be asked to create and perform a skit.
  • Brief interview

Eligibility to Tryout:

In order to participate in tryouts you MUST:

  • Have been accepted to Wake Forest University and/or be a full-time Wake Forest University student. Incoming freshmen/transfers MUST present a copy of their acceptance letter at check-in.
  • Bring the completed Medical/Tryout Information packet on the FIRST DAY of tryouts. See the Sports Med link for required documents: http://www.wakeforestsports.com/sportsmedicine/forms.html   


Packet includes:

  1. Student-Athlete Health Information Form
  2. Initial Athletic Health History Form
  3. Student Health Services Release of Information
  4. Sickle Cell Screening Form for First Time Athletes
  5. Student Authorization for Disclosure of Information in Education Records (FERPA)
  6. Copy of Medical Insurance Card (front/back)
  7. Copy of Dental Insurance Card (front/back)
  8. Copy of Vision Insurance Card (front/back)
  9. Copy of Prescription Insurance Card (front/back)

Liability Waiver: A liability waiver MUST be signed during the check-in process. If you are under 18,  your parent/guardian MUST sign the form also. .

General Information:

  • Tryouts (CHEER) will be open to the public ONLY during the morning session. Sunday afternoon tryouts will be closed. Only those trying out will be allowed to enter the tryout facility.
  • If you cannot make the Spring tryout, then you should contact the coaching staff and find out details about the Fall tryout.
  • All decisions are final and up to the discretion of the coaching staff who will be evaluating each applicant.
  • Please contact Spirit Coordinator - Bryan Hall at hallbj@wfu.edu OR Dance Coach - Jordan Snow at snowjl@wfu.edu if you have any questions.