Postgame Quotes - Wake Forest 86, NC State 84

Jan. 22, 2013

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Wake Forest Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik

"First of all, I want to thank our fans. Our fans were really behind us and never gave up on us. Especially when we were down by 16 at one time, the fans were there for us. Our team battled back, I used the word resilient last time I sat in this chair here and they are. They showed great character and passion in that locker room. They battled back and they fought hard with the support of our fans. Devin Thomasshowed such an effort. You look at his line, good gracious, what can you say?

On the satisfaction of seeing the fans rush the court...
"We live in the moment, and this is a great moment."

On the difference in the second half...
"I challenged them at halftime. I thought we were tentative, I thought we were unsure, we didn't have that belief that we could play, and I really challenged them and they responded. Out of all do respect to these scouting services, I watched Devin Thomas play in probably every single one of his summer season games. I saw that young man get 44 points, 23 rebounds in a high school game. He just plays with unbelievable passion, energy and fearlessness so I'm not surprised by the game he played. As a young player he just needed to get his confidence, as all young players do, and I thought they all grew up in a big way today. You look at Arnaud Adala Moto, for example, 10 rebounds and he took the ball to the basket strong. We saw just a lot of great effort from a lot of players. Codi Miller-McIntyrehit some big shots and I thought our younger players really grew up today.

On the final play of the game...
"We assumed there was .7 seconds left on the clock, so we just wanted to make sure that we touched it by throwing it long. And then when we were set up, all of a sudden, I was told that there was 1.2. We assumed it was .7, so now that changes everything. But we stuck with what we wanted to do, get it down the court and just touch it. "

Freshman Forward Devin Thomas

Junior Forward Travis McKie

Senior Guard C.J. Harris

Freshman Guard Codi Miller-McIntyre

NC State Head Coach Mark Gottfried

Opening Remarks...
My first thought is hats off to Wake Forest. They played phenomenal in the second half. I thought that the difference was I don't think we defended nearly as well as we could in the second half. You have to give them credit. They made a lot of tough shots, came up with a lot of loose balls and offensive rebounds. They did a great job and we did not, so that's on us. We have to be a lot better than that and defend a lot better than that in the 40 minute period. The name of that game for NC State was we have to guard better. Period.

On the final sequence...
Can't get a better a shot. You just can't get one. I'd have him take it again 100 times. I thought Calvin [C.J. Leslie] inside was a lot of contact in there, and he made one great shot in there, and Richard had one heck of an offensive rebound on that one possession where there was a big flurry there. But we had enough chances. We missed foul shots late, missed some open shots, and again I don't think they had a field goal for the last four minutes and ten seconds. They had some at the foul line, but again it always goes back to me. I just don't think we guarded them nearly as well as we should have.

On foul trouble...
I'm not a guy who makes excuses and blames anybody, but the fact that we were all somewhat saddled with fouls probably made our team cautious. There were a couple of dribble drives where I even felt like Calvin [C.J. Leslie] was trying not to foul. It's a tough situation because obviously you want your best offensive players in the game, and you still need to get a stop or give up a foul and come out of the game. We just didn't do a very good job as a team defending, and I do think our foul trouble put us behind the eight ball.

On making a comeback...
We finished the game really strong and again had some pretty good looks right down the stretch. It probably would have changed the way the game ends at least. The final score certainly changes things. We didn't seem to make a shot when we had to make it. We did finish the game really strong and really hard, so that's a silver lining I guess.



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