Postgame Quotes - Wake Forest 80, Miami 65

Feb. 23, 2013

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Wake Forest 80, Miami 65
February 23, 2013
Wake Forest Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik

Opening statement...
"Today we combined playing really good basketball with just great energy, coupled with great energy that our fans in this building provided for us. We in turn gave it back to them. Just a great day for the Deacs, a lot of great individual performances, but most importantly a great team performance."

On the team's character and energy coming after two losses...
"We have great character and people on this basketball team. Everybody questioned our confidence and asked, "What's your confidence level of this team" and we turned it around. We just said that we have great confidence. Coming into this game, we said if we had one less turnover and one more converted basket or one better defensive possession in each of the last two games, we would have a third game winning streak. We flipped it around and said that we should feel really good about ourselves because we can correct this. Let's have a great day on Saturday, because of our players' great character, we had some great practices."

On forcing the tempo on Miami...
"We felt that Miami is so big that it's not good to just go half-court and grind it out. We need to go up and down the court 94 feet. 94 feet in defensive transition. I told our bigs Tyler Cavanaugh, Devin Thomas, Travis (McKie) when he's at the four, Arnaud (William Adala Moto) and Andre (Washington) if he's in there to be able to outrun their (Miami's) bigs both ways. So defensively, get down there and get organized and help our guards corral Larkin, who's a talented young player. Get down there and get our defense organized so we can stop him from getting to the rim. For the most part, we did a pretty good job with that but he (Larkin) is really good and he'll get there at times. Offensively, if we can get stops and rebounds, let's run them so we can't get into a physical confrontation. What we can do is outrun them, move them and drive them."

On efforts by Thomas and McKie...
"We did a really good of outrebounding them by one. Travis only had eight points, but he did a heck of a job with five blocks, one steal and 10 defensive rebounds. Arnaud did a really good job early on. Madison (Jones) got himself five defensive boards too. It was a great team effort."

On Jones and Cavanaugh...
"They all gave us great plays from both sides of the court. Defensively, Tyler did a really good job at the post and a good job at digging. I know that Travis came up with a steal from a dig. Everybody contributed with shooting a good percentage, taking good shots and sticking to the game plan and not turning the ball over."

On stopping Miami...
"We knew that Miami would make a run. They're the No.2 team in the country. They've come back, they're really special. This is a team that could win it all. I think what was special about this game is that we knew that they would make a run, and cut it to five points at one point. Our guys never wavered. You could see it in their eyes, and they just kept attacking offensively. They kept defending and scraping, and that to me was the most impressive thing is this basketball game: our resolve when they started closing the gap."

Senior guard C.J. Harris

Junior forward Travis McKie

Freshman forward Devin Thomas

Freshman guard Codi Miller-McIntyre

Wake Forest 80, Miami 65
February 23, 2013
Miami Head Coach Jim Larranaga

Opening statement...
"C.J. Harriswas terrific in the first half and I think that gave his entire team a lot of confidence. We made a lot of mental mistakes and didn't play very well in either half. Whenever you do that in the ACC you are going to suffer a loss."

On Miami's recent play...
"We are in the ACC and there are a lot of good teams and good players and most teams are especially tough at home. We played at Florida State and still won and then we played at Clemson and still won. We played at home against a Virginia team that controls the tempo and there are fewer possessions and we were able to win that. Today was an up-tempo game and both teams needed to run and handle the ball very well. They were able to do it at a much higher level than we were."

On the play of Wake Forest...
"(Codi) Miller-McIntyre was terrific but there whole team was though. Adala Moto got off to a good start and he actually made a three-pointer and in the scouting report we said that he hadn't been shooting threes. Devin Thomas was really good on the inside. Every player in the first half for them was very sharp and they were well rested. They had a whole week to prepare for us. They defended us well and we were just not as sharp as we needed to be. When C.J. Harrisgot it going it just energized their whole team and they were already very well prepared. They executed everything they planned on doing. When you are playing as well as they were offensively it really energizes your defense in front of your home crowd and there crowd was very much into it."

About learning from a loss...
"I think you learn from every game. Some good things and some bad things, whether you win or lose. After a loss we will see how this team responds. We need to be together and we weren't very together today. We need to execute better and we are going to need to play a lot harder than we did tonight."



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