Wake Forest vs. Syracuse Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 2, 2006

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Syracuse Head Coach Greg Robinson

On the game:

"I thought early in the game I liked what I was seeing. We weren't fancy and we came out and moved the football and ran. I thought we looked good. Even in the beginning of the second half. The feeling I got was the passing game just didn't click in the second half when we really needed it to."

"I thought it was promising. I see a difference in Perry's football game and we just have to get his crew working better. We have to keep working hard at the running game. We have bits and pieces of it but we have to keep working."

"The game was very frustrating; I felt in my mind at halftime we were going to win the football game. And I even thought that there was a point in the second half that we were going to get it. We just shot ourselves in the foot, and we got the turnover and then turned it right back over. We had chances and that is why I am frustrated. There is no question that Wake Forest is a good team."

"We have to improve. I wanted to win the game. We had a chance to win and we didn't take advantage when we had our chances and then all of a sudden it mushroomed and went the other way on us and that is frustrating."

On the offense...

"I like what we are doing. Perry has a total understanding of what we are doing. We have some newcomers in the receiving core, and we will see how they did. At times I thought they were mauling the team in the running game, but Wake Forest's defense is tough and they put a lot pressure on us, but overall I was not displeased with what I saw."


Syracuse Postgame Player Quotes

Syracuse CB Tanard Jackson

On the turnovers:

"You never know how the game is going to go as it happens. We got a pick and we gave the ball right back to them."

Comparing last season and this season:

"We have a long season ahead of us and we have a lot of work to do. This was just one game. Now we just have to go home and get our win."



"It's tough to swallow after preparing so much for this game and losing a tough one like this. It's just hard to swallow. Like I said, it's a long season and we have to bounce back."

Syracuse LB Kevin Smith

On not being able to stop the ball:

"We just needed to get settled in. It is the first game and it is a lot of technical stuff that we need to work on. A lot of the problems that we had were very technical. Once we got settled in it wasn't hard at all."

On the loss:

"You have to roll with the punches and be a man. That is what we play the game for. We have to have fun with it. We will go out next week and bust the boys and win."

Syracuse FS Joe Fields

Feeling comfortable in his position...

"It was a new experience and once I got out on the field I felt good. Obviously, I will get better with repetitions and more game experience. I just want to continue to improve."

On the loss...

"This is game one and we have 11 more games and we are not going to give up."


Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe

On Benjamin Mauk's Injury:

"I think he broke his arm above the elbow. The most courageous thing I have seen out of a quarterback ever. I have never seen anyone go after a fumble like he did. I think he reached down and got his arm stuck under the pile. It would be something that he would be able to fix pretty well and get him back, but I wouldn't imagine it would be this season. I don't know much about medicine, so I will let the doctors speak for that, but I don't imagine it would be an injury that we wouldn't see him back this season."

On how Benjamin Mauk Played...

"I thought he played well tonight. He was in control of the offense. He was making good checks and good throws. He had one throw that got away from him, but other than that he played well. I think when he got hurt he was starting to go a bit. He was pumped up and was starting to feel comfortable. It is hard to see a guy work as hard as he worked to get hurt like that. I was so proud of the way he went after that fumble. When that ball was on the ground, he knew what it would do to the team if we lost it. It is a shame that it happened to him."

On the offensive line...

"I talked to the offensive line at halftime and I thought we were getting a little better push up front and I challenged them. I think our backs were a little tentative and in the second half we got a better surge out of them and I think we blocked a little better in the running game."

On how they played with Riley Skinner in Ben's place...

"When Ben went down we needed to take the pressure off Riley. We felt like Riley could decide, but we didn't want to give him the whole game plan like we did with Ben. He had most of the calls, we just spaced them out and challenged the offensive line and told them that they had to make it happen."

On Riley Skinner's ability...

"Riley has a lot of ability. He came from a great high school program and is really smart. He can run this offense. He needs to grow up fast and realize that he needs to learn like Ben did that he has to take care of the football and manage the offense. I think he can do it. I like what we are doing with our quarterbacks and our offense right now. We are not asking them to do rocket science, we are doing things that a young quarterback can just do and plug in."

On the decision to play Riley Skinner...

"I think we have to go with Riley because he has been the one in practice. Brett [Hodges] will slide into the backup role. We have to get Brett up to full speed. He threw the ball okay on Thursday and had trouble throwing the deeper outs. He looked good enough to me that he would be full speed as the No. 2 quarterback by the end of the week. I think that with all the practice that Brett missed, we will make Riley the guy right now."

On what helped the team win tonight...

"I thought that one of the things that helped us tonight was depth. We rolled a lot of guys in on defense. And we did the same thing offensively. We had a problem with Micah cramping up. I thought Bryan [Andrews] stepped up tonight especially late and especially when it counted."

Wake Forest Postgame Player Quotes:

Wake Forest DE Bryan Andrews

On the defensive line's strategy...

"When we came into the game as a defensive line we were just discussing the fact how if we play hard every rep that's good enough because [each player] can have someone come in right after them. We need to just go in there and play hard. If you're in there for four reps, go hard for those four reps."

On the defensive line's depth...

"We have a lot of depth as a defensive line. We have Anthony [Davis]. We have Jeremy [Thompson], Jyles Tucker...that's four of us in a steady rotation. Sometimes we have to take Jeremy Thompson out because we're trying to ease him back into playing shape. Other than that, I think our rotation gives all of us lots of energy for every play."

Wake Forest TB Micah Andrews

On the quarterback change...

"Give [Riley Skinner] the chance. What's he going to turn into? Don't count him out...if you count him out it would be a big mistake. I'm just waiting to see what he can do."

Wake Forest TB De'Angelo Bryant

On the fumble that led to Benjamin Mauk injury...

"It was a play that could have gone either way. I fumbled, and maybe that shouldn't have happened, but at the same time that's football. I'm really sorry for Ben. His arm looked really awkward the way he was laying on the ground. I wasn't sure if he was in a lot of pain, but I was just hoping the injury would turn out to be less serious than it looked."

Wake Forest WR Willie Idlette

On his thoughts during his long punt return...

"Everyone on the team when we look at it on Monday is going to give me stuff about it. I honestly did not see the guy until the last second. Our punt block team set it up perfectly and all I saw [between me and the endzone] was the punter and Alphonso Smith to my left and I thought `If I go left, I know Alphonso Smith is going to block this kicker.' So then I started heading left and the guy was just there from behind. All the guys did a great job of blocking. It just came down to the last man."

On Riley Skinner coming in as quarterback...

"I have all the confidence in the world. He's been running with the [first team] in practice too, and we have no worries about him stepping in as quarterback."

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