Wake Forest vs. Duke Postgame Quotes

Sept. 9, 2006

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Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe

On Duke: "I can't tell you how sorry I feel for Duke's kids. I thought they played their hearts out. It was one of those games that I'm really proud that we won and our kids found a way to win. I thought their kids came in today and played at a high level for four quarters and the coaches really prepared their players."

On Wake's performance: "I thought the offense struggled and our defense would play better. There wasn't one area that we were happy with. I was disappointed with our kicking game. Sam Swank had some good punts, but overall, I was didn't think we were very good...The second half, we did some good things."

On Wake's late game drive: "It says a lot about the team. When I say I'm not happy with three faces of the game, I can't tell you how happy I am to win. It's a great way to win a football game. The good thing is that we have a lot to work on. Our kids really like each other and they hung in there, nobody got down on anybody."

Wake Forest FS Chip Vaughn

On his emotions after the game: "What a game! I was happy and mad at the same time because it was such a close game. As a team, we all just said- `no matter what we'll fight' and that's what we did- we fought. Duke came back ready to play and had us on our heels for a lot of the game. At the end, we pulled it out for the victory."

Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner

On the game: "I had some pressure of the game day. We had a good defense scheme. Duke had us on our heels for the majority of it. We had to get in the end zone and I was thinking about running and the guy that was on Nate lost him. That happened twice in the game."

On Duke's dominance in the first half: "Obviously, the game could have gone either way. Turnovers, there were calls. We were fortunate to get the ball back a couple times and they were trying to push into the end zone. We made mistakes on our side of the ball. We were very fortunate to get a couple of those calls. You're always going to get fumbles, botched calls; that's always going to happen in a football game."



On the final play: "All of a sudden, I heard the crowd go crazy, I couldn't even watch it."


Duke Head Coach Ted Roof

On being in a tough position at the end of the game: "I thought that we didn't throw the ball to start out. The red zone didn't finish their drives. The first half I thought we left some points out on the field. We have to make our field goals. We had some turnovers and we had missed field goals. When you don't make those, you don't win football games. That's what happened to us and we didn't win the football game."

On Duke's play and Kicker Joe Surgan's blocked kick: "We did some good things and we did some bad things. We have to work on those bad things that we did and learn from them. It's tough being the kicker out there- it's like you're on an island. You're not like a defense lineman, you're by yourself."

On Wake Forest: "Wake Forest made some great plays. Sometimes you have to give your opposition credit."

Duke FB Tielor Robinson

On the game: "Well, we played a really good game and we seemed to make a little more plays. We played a heck of a game and they played a heck of a game, that's good Saturday football for us."

"The coaches did a great job operating the team's offense. Jomar Wright did a good job down in the red zone but I wish that we could have capitalized."

"It feels good to be out there and it feels good to come back on Monday and go back to work."

Duke NG Vince Oghobaase

On the blocked kick: "Looks like they got a little penetration but it happened so quick that I never knew."

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