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Sept. 30, 2017

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Wake Forest Head Coach Dave Clawson

Opening Statement:
"I’ll share what I shared with our team: we’re disappointed in the result but not with the effort. I think our kids played their hearts out and left everything on the field. It didn’t come down to one play. That’ll be the narrative that it came that close again. There’s a lot of things that we did that we didn’t give ourselves the best chance to win the game. I think for the first time in years we out-gained Florida State and a lot of the times if you win the statistical battle of yards and lose the game, it’s because of either turnovers or special teams. If you look at today, that’s exactly what happened. We had the one turnover that led to a field goal and the kickoff return that led to a touchdown, with the other really bad turnover that probably took points off the board for us. We just did some things that are uncharacteristic that we haven’t done this year. Again, we battled, we battled, we battled but we gave up a third-and-24 and a third-and-25 which resulted in a field goal and if you stop that play towards the end of the game, it could turn out a lot differently. We did great in the red zone all year this year and we couldn’t get a touchdown. We kicked too many field goals and the red zone turnover. We played hard and I don’t know if we executed as clean as we needed to in order to beat a team of that caliber. We can’t hang our head that long because we have a big one next week against a very good football team.”

On the emotion involved in today’s game: “We have a 24-hour rule. Win or lose. We enjoy the victories for 24 and move on and mourn the losses. Our players are disappointed. That was a down locker room but it should be. Our kids invested a lot in this game. They played extremely hard and I think it’s the first time, honestly, that we played a game against like this where we went into the game really believing that we could win the game. When you make that emotional investment, put that much into it, and come up a play short, that’s hard. But that’s football. And you have to make that same emotional investment every week. If we don’t make the emotional investment this week then we have no chance in winning. You go right back to work, make corrections, try to improve. We did a lot of good things. It’s really the first time we moved the ball that much against a defense of that caliber and I thought on defense we played really well at times. We stuffed the run, defended routes, and covered them better than we ever had. But again, they made a play at the end that we didn’t make.”

On the positive things to take away from today:
“Last week, in some ways, we had a lot of positions that played their worst game of the year but it was a win. We don’t play that well, we aren’t even in this football game. Three years ago, or even two years ago, this would have been a moral victory. Those in our program no longer exist. There is nobody that left there and said ‘Hey man, we played with Florida State.’ That locker room is crushed and devastated that we did not find a way to win that came. It’ll be our job as coaches and the leadership on this team to bounce back and be sure we’re ready to go for next week. The challenge next week does not get any easier.” 

Wake Forest redshirt senior tight end Cam Serigne

On the overall feeling in the locker room after the loss:
“A game like that that you really want to win. Obviously you want to win every game and guys are crushed but you know we have 24 hours to think about this game and get it out of our system because we have to bounce back next week.”

On how the offense played tonight:
“I think we left some plays on the field, but at the end of the day if you don’t win then you have to get better and improve and focus on details. I’m proud of the guys fight, I’m proud of our offensive fight but at the end of the day, it’s about wins and losses so we have to try to come back together and focus on the work and get a win next week.”

Wake Forest redshirt sophomore safety Jessie Bates III

On how the team feels after losing the game:
“We’re crushed. It’s a game that we’ve been working for, and we all had this feeling that it was a big game for us and our goal is to win the ACC championship and that was step one of it. So now we’re a step behind, but in 24 hours we’re right back to it.”

On what the team will be thinking about reflecting on this game:
“Obviously the team put everything out on the field for this game, but we did come up short. So, we’ll be thinking of missed plays, like on defense I know we had a great game but they had three big missed plays and you can’t do that against a good team.”

On Coach Clawson’s comment on how there no more moral victories for Wake Forest:
“We’ve been hearing that a lot, especially before the game and Coach Clawson’s been saying how we were ready for this game and we’ve been working for this game, and I feel like our guys came out and played but we came up short. I feel like we have so much talent on this team and we can compete with anyone in the country, and I think we showed that tonight.”  

Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher

Opening Statement:
“That was a great game. Wake Forest has a heck of a team. They’re well-coached. They did a great job on defense. It was two teams that fought very hard. We played well at times. We didn’t play well at other times. We had too many penalties at critical times. We had a kickoff return touchdown called back. We had some nice gains, but we gave up too many negative plays. We kicked the ball well. Ricky (Aguayo) kicked it well. Our punts were good except the first one that was shanked. Our kids really fought. They competed in the game. It was a great throw and catch at the end by Auden (Tate) and James (Blackman) to get us over the hump. We made the play and got us a win.”

On the locker room emotions after the game:
“It’s been a long time since we felt what it was like to win a game. It’s been since last year. You can never take anything for granted. You can never take for granted how special winning is and how hard it is. I think this game was a testament to how good this league is. You can never appreciate winning enough and that locker room was very excited.”

On what the win will do for the team moving forward:
“It’s all about learning how to win and taking the next step. We’re a work in progress and we must get healthy. Auden (Tate) was very limited today. Losing Derrick Kelly really hurt early in the game. It was a hard-fought game and those guys just kept battling.”

On decision to punt on 4th-and-1 late in the game:
“I was very close but we had the three timeouts. I felt good about our defense and I felt it would put pressure on them. I think it changed the game when we pinned it inside the 10. They had to 90 yards and we had three timeouts. It really forces their hands and that’s what we wanted to do.”



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