Football Signing Day Press Conference Quotes

Feb. 6, 2013

Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe

Opening statement...
"I like our class. I think this is probably our biggest class since I've been here with 25 kids coming in. We recruited 12 different states to get 25 guys so we were working pretty good this year. I think we really balanced our class out pretty good, we got somebody good at about every spot. We feel pretty good about it but we'll find out this fall how many of them can compete for a job right away. I think we've had a couple good recruiting classes back-to-back. I think the past couple of years we've done a better job evaluating the kids that we're bringing in. I still like all the kids we brought in (for) last year's class and I think this class is very similar. Lots of guys who love to play football and are really good football players who fit at Wake Forest. I think this class is going to be very good and very strong for us.

On the recruiting season...
"I like the energy that we've got on our staff right now. I really thought that when we went to the Orange Bowl (in 2006) and had a couple good seasons after that (by) winning bowl games that it would help us out in recruiting but in reality we got hurt a little bit because some of the guys that we had were pretty good players and I think some of the high school guys felt like it would be a while before they could come in and play. The past couple of years our younger guys have looked at us and said, "I can go to Wake Forest and play in a hurry," and I think that has helped us in recruiting and I think that our energy that we've got with our coaching staff is really good. Our guys enjoy recruiting and I think that we've had a couple of years that we weren't real happy with. We've got a little bit of renewed purpose in recruiting and I think one of the things that happens and it's one of things that I worried about when we had the real successful run with Aaron Curry and Alphonso Smith is, I really worried that we maybe moved up a little bit in bigger, faster, stronger but maybe not do as good of job finding guys that love to play the game. That's what we've been successful with is those guys that came in and had a little bit of a chip on their shoulder and weren't recruited by some of the bigger programs. We won a lot of games with those guys and we've probably got a little better ability-wise but lost focus on who we were recruiting and more into on what we were recruiting on height, weight and speed. We're just doing a better job these past couple of years finding guys that fit at Wake Forest and have a real love for the game."



On the impact of his assistant coaches in recruiting...
"I think Tim Duffie and all of these guys are just doing a good job. I think Brian Knorr is one of our great recruiters; Ray McCartney has always been really good. I think Ray is a bit older guy but he stilll recruits like he's 25. All of our guys are committed to going out there and working it. We're bringing in players from 12 different states and we start in North Carolina which is really important to us. Georgia, Florida and Texas have been really good but with the academics at Wake Forest, we can't just settle into one state or just have a region, we have to go find players. We have a kid from California and Massachusetts. I think that's one thing that our guys have done a good job. They've been really unselfish. If they find a good player, they may not actually be coaching the kid when they get here; they may not be the position coach that finds him, but our position coaches cross-recruited very well."
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