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Head coach Jim Grobe

2013 Wake Forest Football Preseason Central

Aug. 7, 2013

By Gary Petit, Wake Forest Athletic Communications (@WakeFB)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - After evaluating last season, head coach Jim Grobe decided to shift some of his coaches responsibilities this season in order to better suit the current make-up of the team. Assistant coach Steed Lobotzke will oversee running backs as well as fullbacks and tight ends while associate head coach Billy Mitchell will handle the kicking aspect of special teams.

"Looking back at last season, of all the things that went wrong, a real sore spot was our special teams," Grobe said. "I felt that this year we really needed to focus on special teams. Coach Mitchell has done a great job with developing kickers, holders and long snappers and we didn't want to divide his attention with the running backs."

Grobe has also expressed that he would like to establish more of a running game this fall and it seemed natural to have Lobotzke, who is the offensive coordinator, oversee the running backs. Lobotzke coached the fullbacks and tight ends last season and will continue that role this year.

"It makes sense with our offense to have both the fullbacks and the running backs together with Coach Lobo (Lobotzke)," said Grobe. "We will continue to involve all of the coaches in the punt return, punt block and kick return portions of special teams. Coach Mitch (Mitchell) can devote all of his time to working with the specialist and on the quality control aspect of the special teams."

Deacon fans that have visited the wall at the Doc Martin Practice Complex this week may have seen Grobe paying a little more attention in the offensive backfield than in the past.

"I'm not being more hands on, just giving Lobo an extra set of eyes."

One player who doesn't mind the extra attention is redshirt-freshman running back Dominique Gibson.

"Having coach Grobe helping us out is a blessing," said Gibson. "He's always there to pick us up or help us when we make a bad play. He also jokes around with us too and keeps us on our toes. I love having him out here."

Grobe also had a couple of other shifts on the defensive side of the ball. With the addition of assistant coach Warren Belin, Brian Knorr is leading the outside linebackers and remain the defensive coordinator. Derrick Jackson transitions back to his natural position with the secondary and Belin is coaching the inside linebackers.

Former Purdue All-American Taylor Stubblefield was also hired this offseason to lead the receiving corps.



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