Football Practice Report No. 5

Aug. 10, 2010

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC - The familiar sound of pads popping returned to the Doc Martin Practice Complex Tuesday evening as the Wake Forest football team was in full regalia for the first time this fall.

The Deacons practiced for a little under two and a half hours in muggy conditions.

"We didn't have the greatest practice mentally but it was a good night effort wise," head coach Jim Grobe said of his squad. "The guys are working real hard, flying around and bumping into each other. We have a lot in right now offensively and defensively and the young guys are a little flustered but at least when they're making mistakes, they're making them in a hurry."

With the graduation of talented senior classes each of the last two years, Grobe knows he has a young team in camp this fall.

"We have nine seniors and quite a bit of juniors but some of our most talented guys at spots are freshmen and sophomores," said Grobe. "So there is quite a bit of competition right now and there are number of spots were you can feel comfortable at the top of the depth chart one day and be at the bottom of the chart the next. It's a good position for us because we don't just have guys that are talented at the top and there's no one pushing them. We have talent at every position and guys know they have to come out to practice each day and get after it."

One of the hottest battles this fall is at the quarterback position. The Deacs have a stable of young talented quarterbacks all fighting for that starting spot.

"We have a great group of guys right now at quarterback," Grobe explained. "I think you get a little concerned if you don't have any talent back there but we have three or four guys that have enough talent to win. What we're looking for right now is a guy who makes very few mental mistakes and does not turn the football over. That's going to be the key. The flashiest guys, the fastest guy, the guy with the best arm may not end up being our quarterback. It's going to be the guy that doesn't get us beat. The guy that takes care of the ball the best and makes the fewest mental mistakes is probably going to be the guy."

Despite not knowing exactly the makeup of the team at this point, Grobe likes what he sees on the field.

"I have a great sense for this team," Grobe said with smile. "This is a fast, athletic, tough, hard-nosed group of kids and they love to play the game. I think there's something going on with this group. There is a different feel with this team than there was last year. I can't put my finger on it, but I like it. I really like what they're doing right now."

The Deacons continue to practice this week as they prepare for their first intra-squad scrimmage on Saturday, August 14, at 2 pm at BB&T Field. The team will practice again Wednesday evening from 8-10 pm at the Doc Martin Practice Complex on campus.



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