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Dec. 14, 2007

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Wake Forest Quotes
NCAA College Cup
Friday, Dec. 14, 2007

Head Coach Jay Vidovich

"Obviously we're very excited to be advancing to the national championship game. This was a great result against a very good team in Virginia Tech. Everybody knows we're very familiar with each other, throughout the season playing against each other. It was a very good game.

"In the second half I think the guys really rose to the challenge. We asked them to win some critical moments and they put more of a stamp on the game. We got too stretched out in the first half.

"It was an impressive first goal there by Marcus (Tracy) and obviously the second one there at the end to lock it up was tremendous.

"Marcus had several very good games this year, whether it was against Duke or North Carolina in the ACC Tournament. He had some very special moments. Tonight right from the word go, he was very dangerous. In the first half he helped to open up the game with his pace and his running. In the second half obviously he got us going in the first five minutes and then put the dagger in the back with the second one. It was brilliant."

Marcus Tracy

On second goal:
"That was another free kick. We practice those a lot in practice. My number one job is to head it across. Luckily that time Zack Schilawski happened to be in the right spot. He did a great job of heading the ball back into space."

On the second half:
"That was a matter of the game opening up. We were going to enforce our game on Virginia Tech and I think we did a pretty good job of doing that. They're a very good team."

"We had a lot of chances in the first half. We were going to keep creating opportunities. I think we did a pretty good job of staying positive."

Brian Edwards

"It was a bit nerve-wracking. The bounces were a little tough sometimes. I got caught out a little too far but not far enough. He beat me to the ball, but luckily he tripped up a little bit and Lyle (Adams) did a great job of covering for me. We tried to lay back. We dodged one there, but I think we responded well."

Virginia Tech. Quotes

Head Coach Oliver Weiss

"It is disappointing to lose in the National Semi-Finals. It causes a natural feeling that all of my players are feeling tonight. In retrospect the better team won tonight Wake Forest did enough to get the goal that decides the game in our sport. They played great defense and toughed it our. When you score goals and play great defense you have a chance to win the game. Not taking away from my team they fought and did everything they had to do according to our plan till about the 60th minute we were where we wanted to be if two things could have gone away. We lost a marker and didn't pay attention to the little details and lost the game that way. I think the effort was great the focus for wanting to get that goal to get back into the game was excellent. I think we had our chances we just didn't take them. So we wish Wake Forest the best on Sunday. And hope they continue their win streak and bring back the national title to the ACC. "

Patrick Nyarko

"The ball was way ahead of me. When I went around the goalie. I lost my step and tripped and got back up. By the time I looked up, there were two defenders in the goal."

"When I got the ball and tried to attack I saw a different look this time. They always had me covered and they didn't give me the outside. "

Marcus Aigner

" Like coach has already said a few times made the difference tonight. We didn't mark off like we should have. It was a little tough to be focus for 90 minutes. They have very good forwards and they are really good scorers they don't miss chances like that.

"It is tough in close range, a little bit close to the post then it makes tougher."

"It was a great experience for me not only for my soccer career but for my whole life. To be part of such a great team I am really proud of this and that I was allowed with these players. We had a lot of fun this whole season. It was amazing to play in front of so many people."



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