New Tennis Facility Construction - UPDATE

Aug. 8, 2011

Houston, we have a tennis center!

The courts are down, bleachers are being erected and the landscaping is almost finished as construction on the new tennis facility races towards completion. Work is scheduled to wrap up next week, with qualifying for the Winston-Salem Open starting on August 20.

Stay tuned to for more photos of the construction process.


August 8, 2011


What was a parking lot only eight months ago now really looks like a tennis center. The courts are being configured for the tournament setup with the Winston-Salem Open set to kick off in less than two weeks.

Bleachers have been installed on one side of the stadium court

A view of the stadium court from behind

This bank of courts will be used for competition during the early rounds of the Winston-Salem Open.

The surface has been put down on the six courts that will serve as the competition courts for the Wake Forest men's and women's tennis teams.

Umpires chairs sit on the concourse of BB&T Field, waiting to be installed


July 18, 2011


The court surface has been laid down on all of the tournament courts. The lines still have to be painted and net posts installed before they will be ready for play.

The stadium court lies in the foreground of this picture with two show courts behind it. This bank of courts backs up to the entrance to the Indoor Tennis Center.

This bank has two courts that will be used for tournament play.

The six courts that will be used by the Wake Forest men's and women's tennis teams await the application of the court surface.

Four towers of lights like this one are used to light each bank, allowing night matches to be played.

Workers installing a sidewalk around the outside of one of the banks of courts.



June 13, 2011


The two long banks will each contain three courts, with two of them on each being used for the Winston-Salem Open. The court to the left of the picture that is being covered in asphalt will be the stadium court

Holes have been left in the asphalt for the net posts and center strap.

Workers are in the process of laying down asphalt on the stadium court.

North of the stadium, a bulldozer grades the land where the six Wake Forest varsity courts will be located.


May 2, 2011


In this view from above, you can clearly see two banks of courts layed out. There will be three courts in each of these banks, with two on each bank being used for the Winston-Salem open

This bank of courts will house two of the larger show courts for the Winston-Salem Open. The dirt area in the foreground is where the stadium court will be constructed.

Workers install the wooden frame that will surround the courts.

Gravel is beginning to be laid down on top of the graded dirt. It will form the bottom layer of the courts with asphalt and then the court surface being placed on top of it.

This bank will feature three courts, with two of them hosting matches during the early round of the tournament.

The lights for the new tennis facility sit in the Gold Lot next to Bridger Field House waiting to be installed.

February 21, 2011


A bird's-eye view of the construction site from the top of the East Stands of BB&T Field. The facility is being built on what used to be the Green Lot, between the Indoor Tennis Center and BB&T Field

A look in at the construction from the parking lot of the Indoor Tennis Center. When the new facility is completed, the Wake Forest tennis teams' indoor and outdoor courts will be located right next to each other.

Asphalt piled up that was removed from the Green Lot. Only a few spots remain for Indoor Tennis Center parking.

A bulldozer works on grading the land

A look into one of the old drainage pipes. The old pipes are being dug up and replaced.

A backhoe lifts a section of an old drainage pipe out of the ground.

Assorted fragments of old pipes and pilings that are waiting to be removed from the site.

A machine digs a trench for the installation of new pipes and lines

Workers installing the new drainage system

A dog checks out the progress of the construction

Another angle of the construction from the East Stands of BB&T Field