2012 Wake Forest Open

Tentative Schedule

Friday, March 16th

Field Events

9:30am                        Hammer                       (women)

11:00am          Pole Vault                    (women-B section)

11:00am          High Jump                   (men-B section)

1:00pm                        Shot Put                       (women)

12:30pm          Cliff Neal Hammer      (men)

2:00pm                        Triple Jump                 (men and women)

2:00pm                        High Jump                   (men- A section)

2:30pm                        Pole Vault                    (women- A section)

4:30pm                        Javelin                         (men)

5:00pm                        Andy Bloom Shot Put (men)

** the long throws will be run on a continuous time schedule **at close to approx. time but may move up**


Running Events- women followed by men

1:00pm                        Steve Brown 100m/110m Hurdles *(prelims- approx 6 heats-men/9 heats -women)

1:55pm                        Michael Bingham 400m *(sections on time; approx 15 heats-men/11 heats -women)

3:10pm                        100m * (prelims approx 12 heats-men/11 heats -women)

4:05pm                        3000m Steeplechase* (sections on time; approx 2 sections-men/1section -women)

4:45pm            800m* (sections on time; approx 8 sections-men/7sections -women)

5:40pm                        Michelle Sikes 5000m *(approx 2 sections-men/2sections -women)

7:05pm                        Annie Bersagel 10,000m *(1 section-men/1section -women)


Saturday, March 17th

Field Events

9:30am                        Javelin                         (women)

                        Decathlon/Heptathlon Shot Put (men and women)

10:00am          Pole Vault                    (Men-B section)

10:00am          High Jump                   (women-B section

10:00am          Long Jump                   (men and women)

12:00pm          Discus                          (women then men)

1:00pm                        High Jump                   (women- A section)

1:00pm                        Pole Vault                    (men- A section)

3:00pm                        Discus                          (men)

** the long throws will be run on a continuous time schedule at close to approx. time but may move up**

Running Events-women followed by men

10:00am          Distance Medley Relay *(1 section m&w)

11:00am          100m/110m Hurdles (Final- two heats 16 to final-m&w)

11:20am          1500m *(sections on time; approx 5 sections-men/6section -women)

12:30pm          400m Relay *(sections on time; approx 4 sections-men/4 sections -women)

1:05pm                        100m (Final-two heats-16 to final)

1:30pm                        400m Hurdles* (sections on time; approx 7 sections-men/7sections -women)

2:45pm                        200m *(sections on time; approx 20 sections-men/20sections -women)

3:50pm                        3000m* (sections on time; approx 2 sections-men/2sections -women)

4:35pm                        1600m Relay * (sections on time; approx 4 sections-men/5 sections -women)


*( )- this indicates the number of sections in 2011 meet

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