Postgame Quotes - Elon
Dec. 2, 2017

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Jen Hoover Opening Statement:
“I have a lot of respect for Michelle and her program. Last year, we knew when we scheduled them that it was going to be a tough two-game series. They’re tough. They’re physical. They execute. They can score. We’ve been in a little bit of a rut, so we needed to be able to establish that we were going to be able to win an ugly game. I thought it was an ugly game, but I’m so proud of our kids. We’ve been in a tough stretch, so it was huge to get a win when we were on the ropes and struggling. Our defense was thing to brag about. We held them to under 30 percent shooting and that’s something that we’ve worked on a lot this year." 

On the team’s 14-0 run in the third and fourth quarters:
“We switched up our defenses and it got us out in transition. I thought that was the key. I knew I had to do something that would change our energy. It happened to work and we were able to get a couple of long rebounds and get run-outs and layups and some easy baskets instead of just grinding on the offensive end. (Elisa) Penna has just been back with us for two practices and one game so she needs to get back into a flow and everyone else needs to get used to playing with her again. Destini Walker was huge for us at the beginning of the game. She was scoring and she was creating for others and now we don’t know her status.”

On the last play:
“It was drawn up. Typically, I’m going to let us go in transition, but once I realized they were back, I wanted to call a timeout and create some sort of momentum for Amber (Campbell). Give Ariel (Stephenson) credit for making a great pass. They ended up switching and Amber had a post on her and she’s one of the fastest kids in our league and that’s a tough matchup for most people.”  

Amber Campbell

On the final play:
“I’m the last one in the stack, then it’s E (Elisa Penna), Ona (Udoh) and Ariel (Stephenson) was taking the ball out. We were just trying to get the ball in and attack and score. “As soon as I got the ball I knew I had a clear path to the basket. I was also trying not to commit an offensive foul. Luckily, I made the shot and didn’t commit a charge.”

On the team’s third-quarter run:
“We knew that we had to control the tempo and push the pace. We should’ve never let them control things early on. We just had to flow into our offense and keep the ball moving.”

On the team’s pressure defense:
“It really got us going. Once I got a steal, we really used that momentum.” On the team’s mindset after Elon’s tying three: “We wanted to continue to be aggressive. We knew we still had a chance.”



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