Haley and Tracey Scott's Preseason Blog #3

Aug. 14, 2006


- So we are five days into preseason.

This morning we had our last preseason test. Yippee!! Everyone is definitely glad and rather relieved we got those running tests over with!

Since we have been training hard the past four days and the team has been doing really well, the coaches gave us the afternoon and Tuesday morning off. Some people used the off time to finish moving in or to run errands. But, 12 of us decided to celebrate our completion of running tests and the fact that we didn't have to practice, by floating on tubes down the Dan River. It took 45 minutes to reach our destination and the drive consisted of bumpy dirt roads, crossing through creeks, no civilization and worst of all, no cell phone service!

We were a little worried about what we were getting ourselves into, but it didn't take long for us to enjoy hanging out and relaxing as we floated down the river talking, laughing and of course, working on our tan. Our picture even made the companies website!!  We all had a blast!!

Preseason has been going by rather quickly! We have all enjoyed getting to know one another and hanging out, but we are ready to get going. I think that all of us are anxious for the upcoming season and all the fun to come!!



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