Field Hockey Quotes

Nov. 18, 2003

Kelly Dostal

On returning home for the Final Four:

"This is my third year going to the Final Four, and it never gets old. Its very exciting to be going to Massachusetts where I'm from. I think there will be a strong showing from local fans, so that's exciting too. "

On why Wake Forest has been so successful:

"We have a great work ethic, we have a lot of really talented players on the team and Jen (Averill) keeps getting in more and more talented recruits every year. We all have a common goal to come out everyday and play hard."

On the teams competing in the Final Four:

"We've played all three teams. Duke is a great team we wouldn't see until the finals and Maryland is also a great team we wouldn't see until the finals. We played Michigan in our second game of the year, so we saw them really early in the season. We've improved and I'm sure they've improved since then, so they're a great team we're looking forward to playing."



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