The hydrotherapy area in Reynolds Gym.

Reynolds Gym
Primary athletic training room for field hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, baseball, cross country, and track and field, but all athletic teams have access for morning treatments and rehabilitation activities throughout the entire day. This space is home to the majority of the sports medicine staff, with eight offices and two complete physician exam rooms.

Treatment Area Includes:
• 12 Treatment Tables
• Combo E-Stim and Ultrasound Machines
• Game Ready Units
• Hydrocollator Unit

Rehabilitation Area Includes:
• Biodex Balance System
• Leg Press
• 2 Stationary Bikes
• Cable Column
• Stairmaster
• Treadmill
• Upper Body Exerciser
• Various rehab equipment

Hydrotherapy Area Includes:
• Hydroworx 1000 underwater treadmill
• Hydroworx Thermal and Polar Plunge Tanks

Click here for a video tour of the Reynolds Gym sports medicine facilities with athletic trainer Scott Spernoga.

More Pictures of the Reynolds Gym facility.

Manchester Center Athletic Training Room

The sports medicine room in Manchester.

Located adjacent to the Pruitt Football Center, the Manchester training room is used by the Demon Deacon football and golf teams. It includes:

• 8 Treatment Tables
• 4 Taping Stations
• Hydrocollator Unit
• Stationary Bike
• Cable Column
• Hot and Cold Jacuzzi
• Staff Office
• Various rehab equipment

The basketball sports medicine area inside the Miller Center.

Miller Center Athletic Training Room

The basketball teams take advantage of the sports medicine facilities on the first floor of the Miller Center. It includes:

• 2 whirlpools
• 3 Treatment Tables
• Combo E-Stim and Ultrasound Units
• Hydrocollator Unit
• Various rehab equipment

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