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Wake Forest University Spirit Office
110 Manchester Athletic Center
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
(336) 758-4902

The Wake Forest University Spirit office is the home of the Demon Deacon Cheerleaders, Dance Team and mascots. Varied scholarship money is available for two dancers, up to 8 cheerleaders and 2 mascots.

The cheerleading squad is made up of 8 to 12 co-ed couples and cheers for 3 highly regarded ACC teams. The Dance Team is made up of traditionally 10 to 18 girls with high dance ability and performs at both football and basketball games. The season for both teams begins the first week of August with pre-season camp. The Demon Deacon Spirit teams begin cheering and dancing at the first football game and a select group travels to all away football games. In November the teams begin cheering and dancing for the nationally ranked Wake Forest Men's Basketball team and for the Women's team.

There is no travel during basketball season which runs until late March. At the end of the season a select group does travel to cheer on the teams at the ACC Tournament.

All athletes have to maintain a 2.5 GPA. Both teams practice at least 3 times a week for no less than 2 hours at a time. All teams also lift weights at least 2 times a week with the strength coaches. Team members must attend a weekly study hall.

Wake Forest Coaching Staff:
Head Cheer/Dance Coach: Brent Campbell
Assistant Cheer Coach: Tanya Bowles
Assistant Dance Coach: Jessica Chinn

The coaching staff can be reached in the Spirit Office at (336) 758-4902.

2010 Fall Tryout Dates - Cheer/Dance/Mascot Spring Tryouts will be held on Tuesday, September 7, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at Varsity Gym inside Reynolds Gymnasium. Tryouts are for the 2010-2011 season. Only current full time students or incoming freshmen who are 100% accepted and 100% committed to Wake Forest are allowed.

Students trying out in the spring must be able to return to Wake Forest at least two weeks before the fall semester begins. Tryouts will be open to the public and are in Varsity Gym inside Reynolds Gymnasium. Incoming freshmen do not need to alert coaches of their attendance, but they must bring an acceptance letter and be 100% committed to Wake Forest. Spring tryouts are for Gold (Varsity) teams only.

Both teams have a fall and spring tryout. All tryouts are open to incoming freshmen who have been accepted and are 100% committed to Wake Forest. Tryouts last only one day. Spring tryouts are only for those capable of being on the Varsity teams. White Team or JV tryouts are held in the fall. All cheer girls must partner stunt and tumble. Boys of any skill level are welcome. Dancers must turn and leap extremely well.

For dancers a tryout dance routine is taught and the coaching staff looks at how fast the dancers can pick up new material. If necessary, cuts are made in the first hours and final selections will be made by the coaches later in the day. Girls will be judged on performance of a variety of leaps, turns, and other basic technical dance skills, as well as their performance of the learned routine. Interviews will be conducted by the head coach and will be taken into account before being invited to join the team.

Cheerleading tryouts also take one day. The coaching staff interviews everyone while watching a variety of skills. Cheer girls have to have a standing back handspring, a standing back-tuck and a running tumbling pass. Guys are required to perform a standing back-tuck and a back handspring. Toss to hands extension with a twist/full cradle is required by everyone and they will be asked to execute two other optional partner stunts of their choice. Girls and guys will learn a fight song and will be judged on motion placement and overall dance ability. These tryouts are not for beginning cheerleaders or people without prior co-ed cheerleading experience. We announce who makes the Gold (varsity) and the White (jv) teams after the year begins.

Cheer girls should not wear slick shorts. Cotton shorts work best. Cheer girls also need to wear smooth bottomed shoes.

If you are an incoming freshman, you must bring a letter of acceptance from the University. You must be 100 percent committed to attending Wake Forest. You will be required to sign an injury waiver upon arrival.

All who make either squad will be required to be at Wake Forest the first week of August and sign a team rules and regulations contract. We will practice several days and then be attending Summer Choreography Camp. Camp is mandatory.

All tryouts are held in Reynolds Gym, Varsity Gymnasium and are open for anyone to watch. If you have any further questions feel free to call the Spirit Office at (336) 758-4902.

Every summer the Wake Forest Cheerleaders and Dancers host a Universal Cheerleaders/Dance Association summer instructional camp. The camp is open to all ages elementary to high school. Wake Forest fields and facilities provide the perfect environment to learn all teams need to begin their season successfully. The full service camp teaches squad stunting, dance, motion placement, cheers, and game material. Meals and lodging is provided in the camp costs. The camp is geared more toward team building but is open to individuals who wish to attend and improve their skills. For more information or to sign up click on the following link for Varsity Spirit, the parent company of UCA/UDA.

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